How To Make A Flowchart In Excel

Last updated on February 22nd, 2023

If you often require showing a task or process in a chart, then you would know the importance of flowcharts all too well. In previous posts, w explained How to Make a Flowchart in PowerPoint and also presented a comprehensive guide regarding the meaning of different flowchart symbols. This time we will show you how to create a flowchart in Excel.

How To Make a Flowchart in Excel using SmartArt

Select An Appropriate SmartArt Graphic

Just like PowerPoint, you can make use of SmartArt Graphics in Excel to create flowcharts. To create a flowchart using SmartArt Graphics, go to Insert tab in Excel and select SmartArt. There are various SmartArt Graphics that you can choose from to create a flowchart. The graphic you use will be dependent upon the type of process that you intend to show. Some of the most suitable graphics for a flowchart can be found in the; Lists, Process, Hierarchy, Relationship and Cycle sections.

SmartArt in Excel

Populate Sections in The Flowchart

Once a graphic has been selected, you can begin populating the graphic with appropriate information to display your process.

Populate Sections in The Flowchart

Add/Remove Shapes (As Required)

You can add or remove shapes to your graphic via SmartArt Tools menu (as shown below).

Add Shapes To Flowchart

Change Shape Type To Reflect The Right Symbol

It is quite likely that your SmartArt Graphics will not have the required shapes by default. therefore, make sure that you select the right shape for each step in the flowchart. The best way to do that is to right-click on a shape and go to the Flowchart Symbols in the context-menu via Change Shape. In case you are confused about which symbol to use, check out our guide about the Meaning Of Flowchart Symbols.

Change Shape Type To Reflect The Right Symbol

Stylize Your Flowchart

You can stylize your flowchart via SmartArt Styles and also pick different color combinations for it using Change Colors menu in SmartArt Tools.

Stylize Your Flowchart

Sample Flowchart Made With SmartArt Graphics in Excel

The below image shows a Flowchart made in Excel using SmartArt Graphics.

Sample Flowchart Made With SmartArt Graphics in Excel

How To Make a Flowchart in Excel using Shapes

Other than SmartArt, you can also use shapes to create flowcharts in Excel. For this purpose you can directly insert appropriate flowchart symbols via Flowchart Shapes and fetch arrows from the Lines (in Shapes menu). To directly insert shapes in an Excel sheet, go to Insert->Shapes.

Flowchart Shapes in Microsoft Excel

After selecting a shape drag your mouse over the Excel sheet to generate the selected shape.

Generate Flowchart Shape in Excel

You can format added shapes via options in the Drawing Tools menu (e.g. Shape Styles).

Stylize Flowchart in Excel

The below image shows a sample flowchart created in Excel using Shapes.

flowchart created in Excel using Shapes

Free Excel Flowchart Templates

If you find it quite laborious to create flowcharts using SmartArt Graphics or shapes, you can simply use free flowcharts templates for Excel. Below are a few suggested templates that you can use for making flowcharts in Excel.

Flowchart Template For Excel

If you have ever wondered what type of flowcharts can you create; this template is just what you need. The Flowcharts Excel Template at provides various sample flowchart types for you to create flowcharts and to explore possibilities for making different types of flowcharts in Excel.

Go to Download Flowcharts Template For Excel

Flowcharts Template For Excel

Flowchart Simple Layout Excel Template

This is another free Excel template available at for making flowcharts in Excel using a simple layout.

Go to Download Flowchart Simple Layout Template for Excel

Simple Flowchart Template for Excel

It is worth mentioning here that other than Microsoft Office applications like Excel and PowerPoint you can also use various other software applications to create flowcharts. For a list of some of the finest flowchart makers, see our post about Best Paid And Free Flow Chart Makers.

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