Student Scientific Report PowerPoint Template

For science whizzes or students who just want to excel in their Science class, you know that you need to create presentations that will impress your professors. For this, a presentation that is science-inspired or science-themed is a must.


To help you get started with your scientific presentation, you can use this Student Scientific Report PowerPoint Template. This Student Scientific Report PowerPoint Template is a free template specially designed for science reports, such as experiments and research.

Create a Scientific Report in Minutes

This scientific report template is organized with headers and titles to guide you as you complete your own scientific method. You can trace your project as a step-by-step process starting from a hypothesis and moving on to your experiments, and conclusion.

The template contains 9 ready-made slides that all have a blackboard design background and solid white text, making it perfect for academic reports of all levels, from grade school and even to post-graduate studies.


The template starts with a scientific report title slide, where you can put your date, your name, your class name, presentation title, as well as your subtitle, abstract or catch phrase.

The inside pages contain the Overview, Project Description, Methodology or Process, Key Findings, Conclusion, and a last slide for Questions or Discussions. These slides provide a great guide for you to complete your own presentation. You can also add your own slides and organize your own presentation depending on your preferences and your content needs.

Present Data with Chalkboard Effects

You can easily add and modify visuals such as tables, graphs, charts, and diagrams using the Insert menu in the Ribbon. You can also add videos and images. Furthermore, you can customize the template to suit your preference by changing up your color scheme and changing the font styles and colors.


By uploading this to your OneDrive account, you can easily access this handy scientific report template anytime you need a report or presentation.

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