Transform Text in PowerPoint

WordArt is one of the features available in PowerPoint that let you format a text or paragraph with different styles.

text transformation powerpoint

You can apply a text transformation to change the way a text or paragraph look on the slide. We will see some samples below.

transform text powerpoint

Under Format menu, you can find Text Effects popup. Click there and then click on Transform menu. This new popup will display a collection of text transformations that you can choose including Follow Path and Warp text effects.

How to Create Circular Text in PowerPoint 2010

Some interesting text transform effects that you can find under this transformation list are the Follow Path styles. Under this category of text transformations you can find the circular text format.

wrap text powerpoint

Here you can use a new purple handle with a small diamond shape. If you drag this purple diamond you can move the text along a circular path. You can drag the diamond until the text form a full circle.

circular text powerpoint 2010

Make sure to adjust the text box using the green squares to change the width and height.

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