Animated Pyramid Diagrams PowerPoint Template

Pyramids have always held people fascinated. Aside from their design, they hold a certain mysticism that has been prevalent throughout history and across civilizations. For presenters, however, pyramids create a beautifully creative way of showing hierarchy, importance, and levels. And if you’re one of those presenters who are in the market for good pyramid slides and designs to use for your own presentations, then this next premium template is for you. This is where this Animated Pyramid Diagrams PowerPoint Template comes in.

This template is actually a diagram set that features the pyramid theme. This means there are many different pyramid designs in the form of charts and other visuals to help you in all kinds of presentations.

Animated Pyramid Diagrams PowerPoint Template

Animated Pyramid Diagrams PowerPoint Template

While PowerPoint templates already has several built-in charts, graphs, and diagrams that can help you visualize data, there are things that just can’t be simplified or presented that way. You may need to list down qualities that are already arranged according to hierarchy. Or you may want to show more comprehensive comparisons.

Usually, our presentation visuals contain only triangles, but pyramids can take this to the next level by creating a three-dimensional and therefore more complex and more dynamic presentation. This diagram PowerPoint template features 10 pyramid diagram slides, and all of them are professionally animated as well.

Pyramid Blocks

Pyramid Diagram Templates

Each of the ten diagram slide templates have different layouts and are designed for a specific purpose. While they all have the shape of the pyramid and come in multi-levels, every slide is created for displaying your data in different ways. For example, there’s a Comparison Slide that allows you to make stark comparisons between two objects using the two sides of the pyramid. You can list the similarities or contrasts between the two according to the categories that each level and color represents.

There’s also a Category Slide that allows you to assign different categories to different colors and levels on the pyramid. Each category can then be listed on one side, each with its corresponding description. There are also growth and timelines slides, all featuring pyramids of different colors and sizes across the slides. Meanwhile, the Multiple Points slide allows you to make a bullet or numbered list that have different categories, with each in different colors. All these slides also come with built-in animations that are appropriate for each purpose and layout.

Pyramids in PowerPoint

Beautifully Designed Yet Fully Customizable

This Animated Pyramid Diagrams PowerPoint Template has different colors to represent every element or level for your data. This can add a pop of color to your slides, as well as keep your audience interested. Furthermore, the different colors also make it easier for your audience to recognize differences in the data or information, thereby making it easier for them to retain the information.

What’s great about this template is that it’s easily customizable. Even if the pyramids are colorful, every element can be easily re-formatted to suit your own presentation’s theme, your brand, or just your desired color scheme. You can also apply your presentation’s theme on the templates for a more cohesive look.

Triangle Diagram Slide

You can change the color of each of the levels, add your own icons, add more effects, and maximize PowerPoint’s drawing and formatting features to truly make the template yours.

Each of the slides are displayed against a graduating grey background, which can also be changed depending on your own theme. The slides can work together or can be used individually. You can spread the slides out throughout your presentation or just use one that best shows your ideas. It’s all up to you.

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