Track Who Opens Your Marketing Emails With Stats Using Mixmax

Many businesses send marketing emails on a regular basis. It can be hard to track what result (if any) those emails have. Many people might find the emails unwanted or inadequate, even if they signed up for your newsletter. This is why it’s important to know which of your shared content is gaining attention. You might want to know how many people clicked your links, which links were gaining popularity and who among your mailing list actually takes the time to open and click on your emails.

Track Emails for a Better Marketing Strategy

Mixmax is a service which integrates with your Gmail or Google Inbox to help you track your sales emails. Mixmax also provides a plethora of options that make it easier for sales and marketing teams to engage users and to better cater for their needs to increase sales and revenue.


Install Mixmax and Grant Access to Your Google Account

You can get started with Mixmax by installing the Chrome extension and granting access to your Google account from which you intend to manage your marketing emails.

Add mixmax extension for Chrome

Plethora of Features to Supercharge Gmail

When you switch to Compose, you would see a number of additional options added to your mailing account. These options will allow you to insert surveys, track emails, automate and manage your marketing tasks, log events with your sales team and more.

Mixmax options for marketing emails

Insert Surveys, Schedule Group Event Polls & Meetings

Among the various handy options, you will be able to conveniently conduct surveys, schedule group events and meetings, as well as easily insert media like PDF slideshows, articles, GIF images and math equations in emails.

Conduct surveys using Gmail

Track Who Opened Your Emails

The Track option provides the utility to enable tracking for who opened your emails and the clicks performed for your added links. This can help provide valuable information for sales and marketing departments.

Track email clicks

Templates for Sales & Marketing Emails

You can also make use of a number of useful templates that can help you create better emails for your marketing and sales projects. These templates can be useful not only for marketing purposes but also for interdepartmental updates regarding projects.

Sales and marketing templates

Get Detailed Statistics via Dashboard

You can login to your Mixmax Dashboard to get detailed statistics regarding your marketing campaigns. This includes information like who opened your emails, clicks for your links added in mails, details about your downloaded content, contact lists, email templates, etc.

Mixmax dashboard

Brief Overview of Mixmax

Here is a brief overview of Mixmax and how you can benefit from its features.

Mixmax has a basic free edition which is limited to 100 tracked emails and just 10 scheduled mails per month, with 10 templates and 5 sequences.? The paid editions of Mixmax naturally provide more enhanced features, which includes; Salesforce integration, custom branding, download and click tracking, etc.

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