Learn how to boost your productivity using email to share presentations online via a link instead of attaching large PowerPoint presentations. Use 3rd party services like SlideOnline as an alternative to share presentations via email.

How To Fix I Cannot Open PowerPoint Files

If you frequently receive PowerPoint files through email, communication apps like Slack or Skype, or download presentations from various online platforms in formats such as PPT or PPS, you might occasionally encounter difficulties in opening them. This common issue often manifests when a user attempts to access such attachments, only to be met with an …

How to Use Mail Merge in Word

Mail Merge

When you need to send out dozens, if not hundreds, of letters, names tags, or brochures; doing it the old-fashioned way would take ages. Good thing Microsoft Office Word has this classic feature that not many of you may know about. Word’s Mail Merge is a very useful tool that can help you produce multiple …

Supercharge Outlook with Additional Features Using MAPILab Toolbox Add-in

MAPI Lab Toolbox

If you’re tired sorting through dozens of plug-ins and even getting duplicate ones that bog down your Outlook inbox, then there’s one single Outlook plug-in that will replace all your other plug-ins. It’s the MAPILab Toolbox. The MAPILab Toolbox is an 18-in-1 plug-in package that supercharges your Outlook. This package contains 18 essential plug-ins that …