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Find the best sales tools to manage your sales team and workforce, deliver state of the art PowerPoint presentations for sales team and learn how to use productivity tools for sales including SalesForce.

Track Who Opens Your Marketing Emails With Stats Using Mixmax

Many businesses send marketing emails on a regular basis. It can be hard to track what result (if any) those emails have. Many people might find the emails unwanted or inadequate, even if they signed up for your newsletter. This is why it’s important to know which of your shared content is gaining attention. You …

Sales & Marketing Presentation Template For PowerPoint


If you are a company which wants to impress potential customers or investors, then you need to create interesting and impressive presentations as well. You have to sell your company so that it appeals to them. For this, you would need professionally designed presentations. However, having presentations done by a professional can cost a lot. …

Sales Pipeline Excel Template


If you are in sales or business in general, then you know the importance of a sales pipeline. A sales pipeline is one of the most valuable and important indicators of a company’s health in terms of finances. From the term itself, it is a visual and systematic approach to selling your products or services, …

How To Make A For Sale Flyer in Word


If you have something in your house that you need to get rid of, why not sell it? Or if you want to upgrade your car into something more updated, you can sell your current car too. Whatever it is you want to sell, it is important to advertise it so you can make people …

Show Sales Presentations To Clients On The Go With Point Drive

If you are a sales agent or someone who often requires showing clients different products or need to provide them with detailed information regarding a service, it might be handy for you to carry a presentation on a smartphone or tablet. However, conventional presentations made using mobile presentation apps can often leave a lot to …

Get Easy Online Invoicing, Inventory & Sales Management With Planet Soho

Planet Soho is one of the best web applications that can be utilized by any business to pave the way for a bigger brighter future. The application has been designed in a fashion that allows easy and swift usage and provides the users with a multitude of functions.

Retail Sale Flyer Maker Template For Word

Eye-Catching Professional Looking Design

In this digital world where many companies depend on social media to get in touch with their customers and promote their brand, it can be expected for people to say the flyers are dated forms of marketing. Still, many business owners and experts would still say that giving out flyers can still be effective because …

Sales Call Log Organizer For Excel

Log Calls and Notes for Each Sales Call Made

If you are in a business involved in making calls, or if you have employees whose jobs require them to contact customers or make sales calls, then you would need to keep track of their calls. You can log incoming and outgoing calls using many templates such as this Sales Call Log Organizer for Excel. 

InsiderSales: Phone Dialer and Lead Management Solution

Many people are aware of the Salesforce service which is a lead management web service. If you are someone engaged in lead management services or require tracking and managing leads for your business, then InsiderSales might be quite helpful for you. It is a web service that offers sales software solutions to help businesses efficiently …