Create, Send And Track Business Proposals Online With Quote Roller

Sending quotes to clients the old fashioned way isn’t very feasible when you are selling your product or providing a service online. In such a case it can be more appropriate to send quotes online and get them digitally signed. is a web service which offers this utility. With Quote Roller you can create, …

Desk.Com: Customer Support Platform With Salesforce Integration

Customer support is one of the essential components of any service. Whether you are working in a multinational corporation or are providing a service for a web app, customer support is essential for a flourishing business and satisfied customers. Many a times customers can end up facing minor issues, which if left unanswered for a …

Polychart: Create Awesome Charts For PowerPoint Using Your Own Data


Data visualization tools are one of the most effective ways of conveying long and otherwise daunting information to your audience. Charts and graphs are common ways of displaying information and unlike text and figures, they do not scare the audience.

Better Customer Relations Management With Salesforce (CRM)

Providing customers with top notch support while keeping costs down is now easily possible with the help of cutting edge technology that can enhance productivity, improve customer response time, assist online collaboration and deliver an overview of the performance of a company. One such mechanism that has “arguably” been one of the most widely used …