Blue And Tan Gradient Widescreen Template for PowerPoint Online

Last updated on November 17th, 2023

When you see the colors blue and tan together, only one thing comes to mind: the beach. The color blue represents the tranquil sea while the tan represents the warm sand. Used in a presentation, it will give a sense of peace and serenity to the audience.

The Blue And Tan Gradient Widescreen Template for PowerPoint Online is a blue and tan colored template that is subtle yet sophisticated. The template’s theme is a mix of blue and tan, with a gradient effect that mixes both, and a black accent. This free PowerPoint Template uses the colors of the beach wisely without being too literal, thus making it look professional and elegant.

Elegant Blue and Tan Template for General Purpose Presentations
Example of Tan PowerPoint Background

Elegant Features and Layout Options

The template features 11 sample slides that each have its own layout to show you how you can present your own presentation data in different, interesting ways. These layouts are professionally done to make the most of the widescreen format, as well as for maximum readability. You can use tables, charts, lists, diagrams, and photos to convey your message to your audience.

Choose from a Wide Selection of Slide Layouts

You can add new slides and choose from the many other layout options there that still retain the blue and tan theme. You can delete or duplicate the slides that you need and rearrange the sample slides according to your own presentation needs.

Convenient and Free

The template is in PowerPoint Online, which makes it conveniently accessible using any mobile device or computer. Simply open any browser, go to the Microsoft portal and login to your Microsoft or OneDrive account. From there access many more other templates that you can use for business, school and personal presentations.

Present Your Data Using Customizable Tables, Charts and Graphs

This Blue And Tan Gradient Widescreen Template for PowerPoint Online is perfect as a general-use presentation template. You can use and reuse it for a variety of topics because it is easily customizable. The template can be used for presentations about the beach, ocean, resorts, tourism, hospitality, even education, business plan, reports, financial statements, marketing, personal budgets, and so many more.

Alternatively, you can download a free tan PowerPoint templates.

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