Event Timeline Diagram Template For PowerPoint Online

Timelines are a great way to present a story or huge chunks of information happening over a long period of time. Through timelines, you can show milestones and other important events in history that span weeks, months, years, centuries, and even eras. However, creating timelines from scratch can be tedious and time-consuming.

Create Beautiful Timelines Using PowerPoint Online Templates

Conveniently Create Timeline Slides

The Event Timeline Diagram Template for PowerPoint Online is one of the most useful templates that can help you create a clean, beautiful-looking timeline in half the time. This PowerPoint Online Template can be accessed through your browser on any mobile device, making it very convenient. You can also opt to save it on your computer and edit in on PowerPoint.

This timeline template is in horizontal orientation, allowing you enough space for creating a long timeline. The widescreen format also makes it easier for you to create a detailed timeline and allows the audience a clear, detailed view of your presentation even from a distance.

Beautiful, Standard Timeline Template for Many Topics

Customize Layout to Suit Your Presentation Topic

This template features circles of different sizes and colors that seem like beads arranged in a horizontal line. Each circle represents a time and the larger circles can represent milestones or breakthroughs. This template is designed in a way that makes it useful for any presentation topic. The design is standard enough to make it appropriate for science, business, environment, academic, personal, and many other presentation purposes.

To modify the template, you can just type in each text placeholder to input your own dates and timeline details. You can also personalize the design of the timeline for your own presentation and preferences by going to the Design tab in the Ribbon Menu and choosing from among the many preset themes, or choosing your own colors and styles.

Edit the Template or Customize it For Your Own Presentation

To put this timeline template on your already existing presentation, simply copy and paste the slide. You can also choose to build slides around this template to create a new presentation.

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