Parcel PowerPoint Online Template

Nowadays, audiences are more drawn to clean, modern lines and minimal layouts, which allows them to focus on the content instead of the clutter. So if you are looking for a modern yet sophisticated template that is easy on the eyes, then this next template is perfect for you.

Parcel PowerPoint online template

The Parcel PowerPoint Online Template is a neat and uncluttered widescreen PowerPoint presentation template for organizing and displaying information. This template features a teal background with white accent, as well as coordinating sans serif fonts that spell modern, elegant and sophisticated, whatever your presentation topic is.

Modern General-Purpose Template

A general-purpose template, you can use this for school, home, organization, or business use. Whether you are creating a science presentation or an annual financial report, you can count on this to not just wow your audience but keep them attentive to your information as you cleanly present your data.

Change layouts in PowerPoint online

The widescreen format makes great use of the vertical space, allowing you to include various ways to present different kinds of information, such as text, images, and numbers. By clicking on New Slide on the Home menu in the Ribbon, you can populate many slide layouts to give your whole presentation variety while still maintaining cohesiveness under one theme.

Easily Customize Your Presentation

The many layout options include Title and Content Slide, Section Header, Comparison, Two Content, Picture with Caption and others. If you want to create your own layout, however, you can easily do so using the blank layout. You can duplicate and rearrange all the slides that you need to tailor them to the flow of your own presentation.

Design your own layouts

You can easily customize the template to suit your desired color scheme, or if you want to display your brand identity. You can add your company or organization logo on the slides. You can also format the background to change it from teal to any color you want.

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