PowerPoint Mood Meter

Measuring the mood in the audience is maybe one of the smart things you can do as a presenter or as part of the presentation team.

There are many tools that you can use to measure mood in PowerPoint presentations but definitely one of the most recent tools (and free) that you can use is SAP PowerPoint Twitter Tools.

By using SAP PowerPoint Twitter Tools you can get up to 9 different tools for web 2.0 presentations and enable Twitter real time presentations in Microsoft Power Point .

The Twitter tools from SAP Twitter Tools allow presenters to see and react to tweets in realtime mode, embedded directly within their presentations, either as a ticker or refreshable comment page. One of the modules available inside SAP Twitter Tools for Power Point is the presentation Mood meter.

As a presenter, one of your goals should be to keep your attendees more engaged during an event or with your presentation so you can send the right message. One of the best ways to keep attendees plugged in a PowerPoint presentations is to let them respond in real mode during a presentation. Until now you had some different tools to achieve that, but definitely doing that with Twitter and Hashtags for your PowerPoint is a way chosen by many.

If your audience has only a limited option to express their mood or feeling, you won’t receive a good feedback about what they are thinking until the end of the presentation and probably when they are talking between each other to share the bad feelings. So don’t wait until that moment to take a Plan B and give your attendees a richer way to send feedback.

Definitely using Twitter in PowerPoint presentations is a step forward to make better real time presentations to engage your audience.