InEx Finance: easy-to-use online software for personal money management

InEx Finance is a free web-based application designed to help you manage your personal finances easily and efficiently. The software is jam-packed with standard as well as more sophisticated money management tools intended to assist you in handling daily financial tasks and gaining better control over your personal finances.

InEx Finance

InEx Finance has a clean design and intuitive interface, which makes using the service hassle-free. Even though there are many features and tools, the software doesn’t feel cluttered. Simple structure and easy navigation throughout the site enable you to stay focused on your money management tasks and carry them out quickly. Registration is a breeze and allow you to create a virtually anonymous account. A wide range of  settings make it easy for you to customize every aspect of your account and personalize your experience. InEx Finance offers powerful tools to help you perform multiple financial activities on a day-to-day basis, including:

  1. Income and expense tracking;
  2. Monthly budget planning;
  3. Financial goals setting;
  4. Personal debt management;
  5. Cash flow forecasting.

InEx Finance focuses on the international audience by supporting multiple currency transactions under the same account. The transaction register is well-structured and easy to work with. Although the software doesn’t support synchronization with banks and financial institutions to automatically pull out your financial data, you can avail yourself of the enhanced data import tools (from .csv, .ofx and email) for bulk uploads. You can create as many custom categories as you need and even assign color labels to them. For each saving or spending category you can set a monthly budget and make use of the various budgeting tools to track your performance and ensure that you stick to your budget plan. You may even choose to be notified each time you enter a new transaction that makes you go over your budget.

InEx Finance also lets you plan your future financial activities and project upcoming expenses in a smooth calendar of events. You can create one-time or recurring events (with repeat schedule of any complexity) and associate income/expense transactions to them. This will greatly simplify the management of recurring payments that occur on a regular basis (for example, monthly bills). The system will send you email reminders about the due dates that can also be synchronized with your Google Calendar.

The software offers more than 30 table and chart reports for financial analysis and planning. The reporting tools will help you gain deeper insight into your personal finances, keep tabs on daily expenses, track monthly budgets, compare savings vs. spending, analyze category trends, check your account balance, verify your monthly turnover and much more. While viewing table reports, you can apply different filters to narrow down your search results, that can be further saved to your computer using the data export tool. Mobile users of InEx Finance may enable the built-in geolocation feature to track their expenses directly in Google Maps.

InEx Finance

If you want to start making smarter money management decisions and get your personal finances in order, then InEx Finance is the optimal solution. Try out the live demo version to test-drive the software’s tools and functionality.