Conduct Interactive Class Lectures With Pear Deck

Class lectures can be extremely boring. It’s not only students who find it hard to concentrate during lengthy class lectures but even teachers might find it hard to control uninterested students busy texting on their mobile phones or playing candy crush; and then there are those who simply enjoy lucid dreaming! Pear Deck is an …

Sakai: Collaborative Learning And Course Management System

A while back we brought you reviews for a number of Learning Management Systems such as Moodle, ILIAS, Open Elms and SkyPrep. Sakai is another Learning Management System we thought was worth exploring.

5 Ways Google Scholar Can Help You

Google Scholar just turned 10, this year in November and over the years it has established quite a fan following, but a common freshman or a senior student still scourges the librarian for not helping them out with their presentation, instead of using Google Scholar to search for relevant data.

Printable Classroom Sign Maker Templates For Word

Make Chemistry More Fun with This Graphic Template

When you are a teacher wanting to get the attention of your students in a fun and exciting way, you would want to try anything. Children and teenagers are attracted to something that they can relate with–which is something fun, engaging and informative all at the same time. There are many education-themed templates that you …

Homework Calendar Template For Excel

Automatically Update Your Calendar As You List Your Assignments

As a student, you will have a few things to worry about and one of them is your homework. In school, it is important to be able to do your homework on time, especially if teachers require special projects that require time to create. It is also important to balance your deliverables in school, like …

Homework Calendar Template For Excel

C:\Users\HealthyGrounds\Documents\ODESK\PROJECTS\JULIAN MAGNONE - FPPT - WEB TEAM\September 1\Color-Code Your Homeworks and See Them Reflected in the Calendar.jpg

Being a student entails a lot of responsibilities such as ensuring that you complete your homework and submit them it time. For those in grade school and in higher levels, this can be a huge task, especially for those who really want to do great in school. Many students even have extra-curricular activities such as student organizations …

College Year Calendar Template For Excel

Set Appointments and Meetings with this Handy Calendar for Students

In your college years, you may have your share of joining activities and organizations while studying. You may even be working yourself on your way through college and having a part-time job on your free time. There are also the reports, tests, papers, PowerPoint Presentations, and so many requirements to meet in your academic life. …

How To Create Class Schedule By Subject Using PowerPoint

Plan Ahead and Keep Tabs on Your Schedule

When you are already working, there may be times when you wish you could go back to being a student again. However, a student’s life can be hectic too. There will be assignments, pop quizzes, projects, dealing with teachers and fellow students, as well as coping with the pressure of getting a good grade.

Free Student Paper Template For Word Online

Beautifully Designed Standard Student Paper Template for Word Online

Writing student papers, or term papers, can be very tedious, especially since every aspect of it is critical: from research to composing it to ensuring that it looks professional and well-written. There are also certain guides that you need to follow when it comes to writing these student papers, or academic literature. As a student, you …

Student Report Template For Word

Beautiful Butterfly Report Template

The life of a student has its share of challenges: deadlines, assignments, pop quizzes, home works, projects, presentations, and reports. You will always wonder about how your teacher would grade you, or how each classroom participation and activity will reflect to your grades at the end of the school year or semester.