Elementary School Newsletter Template For Word

Almost every organization has a newsletter to be in touch with their members. For companies, they have newsletters within their organization to relay latest news to their employees. They also have newsletters to their customers to keep them abreast of the latest promos and products as well as to establish rapport with them. The same can be said for schools, wherein newsletters are created by students to spread news and helpful articles and information throughout the campus.


Create Impressive Newsletters

The Elementary School Newsletter Template for Word is a wonderful, professionally designed newsletter template for students to use whenever they are creating their newsletters. This template is free and very handy especially for elementary students who have very limited background when it comes to complex layout and graphic design software.

With this free and easy-to-use school newsletter template for Word, students can easily create their newsletters for regular circulation and still have enough time to focus on their academics. This is because this Word Template has everything they need to create their newsletters, as they only need to input their own content.


The template even has sample text and images to give them a good idea of how their own newsletter would look. This will also guide them as they complete their own newsletter. There are text placeholders that they could just fill out with their own information. These placeholders are also handy when you are using the same template for all your newsletters, whether you are distributing monthly, quarterly, or yearly. You don’t have to create a new layout for each issue.

Collaborate and Share Newsletters Online

There are two pages for this newsletter, and this contains images and text for you to include any news and feature articles that you want to share to your whole elementary school. There are also certain areas for announcements and events.


This template can also be uploaded to your OneDrive account so you can easily collaborate with your writers and editors as you create your newsletter. Furthermore, you can also easily see the developments through OneDrive, and make changes and comments in real-time.

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