Tips For A Winning Congressional Debate

Winning a congressional debate can be a task in itself because of the sheer volume of young orators that take part in it! A student congress or a congressional debate is an event in which students from different schools take part in a debate wherein each school provides legislation to debate on. The student competitors …

Desktop Student Database Template For Access

Walk Through How to Use the Access Template

Educating students and young children requires a huge amount of responsibility and hard work. Aside from teaching them, you also have to determine their needs and keep track of their attendance and other records. This is important in keeping these students safe while they are in the care of their educators and teachers inside the …

The Power Of E-learning For Students

The proliferation of the internet has revolutionized everything around us and that includes the education sector too! This is why more and more schools around the world have started incorporating e-learning. As opposed to traditional methods of teaching which didn’t involve imparting any practical knowledge to students and relied heavily on teaching ‘bookish’ knowledge, which …

Pencil Toolkit For Educational PowerPoint Presentations

In previous posts we have reviewed a number of animated educational presentation templates for PowerPoint, including the Educated Presenter PowerPoint Template. We also brought you a list of the Best Educational PowerPoint Templates. This time we will provide you with an overview of the Pencil Toolkit, which is an animated PowerPoint template for making educational …

Forget Scantron Systems, Try Akindi To Effortlessly Grade Papers

Akindi is a web service for creating and grading of examination papers. Akindi has been designed to automate the scanning and grading of multiple choice examination papers. Whether you are a K-12 teacher or require grading papers for college or university students, Akindi can get the job done in no time.

Free Assignments Template For Excel

Efficient Tracking of Assignments and Progress

For teachers, professors and even students, keeping track of lesson plans, students, grades and assignments can be a tough task. One has to be organized and methodical. There are many Assignment trackers in the web today but only very few are as efficient, convenient and as beautifully designed as the Free Assignments Template for Excel.

Best Educational PowerPoint Templates

Classroom lectures are no longer delivered just on blackboards. Many institutes are now using a combination of projectors and blackboards, along with PowerPoint presentations that are displayed to the class by the teacher. While such presentation slides may be made using generic templates or blank PPT backgrounds, however, an appropriate template to complement the discussion …

Interactive Classroom Lessons with Microsoft Mouse Mischief

Microsoft Mouse Mischief

It’s been known and studied that children learn better when they are able to participate and have interactions with lessons in class. The more activities they are encouraged and attracted to join in, the better they are at absorbing what is being taught. Who wants to sit in a boring classroom anyway? Microsoft has come …

Turnitin: Prevent Plagiarism, Grade Papers And Add Voice Comments

Turnitin is a famous plagiarism prevention tool for teachers, which offers LMS (Learning Management System) integration and also has an app for iPad. Unlike common plagiarism checking services, Turnitin not only enables checking documents to prevent plagiarism but also provides teachers the utility to grade papers (including offline grading) and include feedback right from an …

Animated Sci Fi PowerPoint Template For Kids & Educational Presentations

The aliens have landed from outer space and it’s time for kids to play with little green men! The Sci Fi Playground PowerPoint Template is an animated template by Presenter Media for making presentations related to science and education.