Student Report Template For Word With Cover Photo

As a student, whether in elementary, high school, college, or even graduate school, you may find yourself required to make a student report or two every once in a while. Often, these student reports may be about a specific topic on a particular subject or study. This said, your report must be concise yet packed with relevant information and, when necessary, backed with studies and reliable sources.

Get Started on Your Student Report

To get you started with creating a student report that looks great each time, you can use this Student Report Template for Word with Cover Photo. This template is a free template for Word or even Word Online. You can use it for all your student report needs, regardless of subject or class, because it is highly versatile and can be easily customized.

Impressive student report template with stunning cover page

The template has two pages, all with sample images and content to give you a preview of how your own student report would look. It starts with a cover page that contains an image of a stairway on a street in a rustic-looking village. The image is professionally taken, making it look stunning and eye-catching as it dominates the whole page. Underneath this is the Report Title and Report Subtitle. Further underneath are the name, course title, and date.


On the next page, you can see the beginning of your student report. Here, there are also placeholders that you can type over to replace the sample text. The text formatting is already done for you, so you can just type your headers and paragraph text with ease.

Write Many Reports with One Template

There is also a diagram that you can use readily. You can change the color scheme to match your preference, or change the diagram entirely if you are going to present your data in a different way. Aside from diagrams, you can insert tables and charts as well.

There are also tips on how you can further customize the template, such as by adding a table of contents and bibliography, especially if your student report is going to be lengthy and if you are going to cite numerous sources.


What’s best about this Word template is you can also upload this to your OneDrive account so you have easy access to a reliable student report template whenever you need to start creating one.

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