Presentation Tips

Why Presentation Skills Are So Important?

Has it ever happened to you that you had to deliver a presentation the other day- script was ready, your audience was all ears, you had also done rehearsals earlier, but still at the last moment, something went missing? Probably you got nervous or may be your body language failed to connect with the audience.

Simple Mistakes That Can Ruin Your Presentation

Do you remember the last time you came across a presenter who breathed excellence into a presentation with his remarkable skills. Well, chances are quite rare! Or in that case, you can probably recollect the bad ones comparatively easily. This is largely because most of us are afraid of public speaking. So, whenever opportunity strikes, …

Tips For Writing A Great Presentation Script

One of the biggest mistakes that most people make while preparing a presentation script is keeping it too long. Yup, most presentation scripts are made as if it has to be read rather than presented. So keeping it short works really well with presentations because it’s not a speech that you are making!

Rules For Using Periods With Bullet Points

When it comes to formal documents and business presentations, presenting information with the help of bullets and lists is the foremost aspect for organization of content. Bullet points not only make the data reader-friendly but also these are a convenient option for summarizing details in short sentences.

5 Things To Consider When Organizing A Business Presentation

You may be a business professional or a veteran to the field, but let us admit it; no matter how hard you try to keep your PowerPoint Presentation interesting, it always falls short of that little something that would keep the audience tipped on their toes throughout. So what different must be done in order …

Giving Seminar Presentations: Do’s And Don’ts

Giving a presentation or a speech in front of a large audience can make anyone get cold feet! But with enough practice you can master the art of public speaking and even develop quite a knack for it, which is why practice is of key importance especially when it comes to seminars!

Outlining The Differences Between Presentations And Speeches

So let’s see, you thought presentations and speeches were synonymous with each other? Well you won’t be the first person to think so, there are countless more who continue to confuse one with the other. Though both use language as the primary means of exchange yet both are quite different from each other and rely …

How To Spice Up Dull Subject Material in Your Business Presentation

Presentations are only fruitful when they are interesting and catchy. Though, at times, we are given the topics that are either too hard to be understood or are just too boring. In such circumstances, it seems extremely difficult to present yourself before the audience. And, it is where the need to spice up your presentation …

Some Dos and Don’ts for Gaining Audience’s Attention During Presentation

As per the words of Philip Crosby, a famous businessman and author from U.S., “The audience only pays attention as long as you know where you are going.” Whether you have 60 seconds on stage or a whole one hour, sending your message effectively across the listeners requires excellent presentation skills.

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