Tips For Writing A Great Presentation Script

One of the biggest mistakes that most people make while preparing a presentation script is keeping it too long. Yup, most presentation scripts are made as if it has to be read rather than presented. So keeping it short works really well with presentations because it’s not a speech that you are making!

When writing a presentation script, it’s best to keep the lines short and simple. Using short sentences helps get the point across to your audience because long sentences can lead to that point getting lost. The script also depends upon the kind of presentation being made, whether for business or educational purpose. So obviously before getting down to pen your presentation, make sure you are clear about the kind of presentation you have to make.

Tips For Writing A Presentation Script

Here are a few tips for writing a great presentation script:

  • The KISS Rule: The number one rule for writing a great presentation script is ‘KISS’, Keep It Short and Simple. Short and crisp sentences help in getting your message across to your audience, especially in a presentation, where the emphasis lies more on the visual aspect rather than the aural aspect.
  • Introduction: The introduction is perhaps the most important in a presentation. It tells your audience what your presentation is about and what they should expect in it. It should contain a list of all the topics and the sub topics you want to discuss and should give a brief overview of the same.
  • The Body: This is where you can explain or elucidate the points mentioned by you in the introduction. But don’t forget the KISS rule because it’s quite easy for your audience to lose interest once you start with the body of your presentation. Coherence is what you should aim for. So arrange all the points in the body in a consistent and logical form.
  • Font Size and Line Spacing: A great presentation script not only means one which has high quality content in it, but it should be visually appealing too. This is because presentations rely on visual appeal, so you have to make your text easily readable, which means just eight to ten words per slide.
  • Summarize: Finally when you reach the end of your presentation, don’t forget to summarize what all you have already mentioned in the body! This is just to recall everything already mentioned to your audience, kind of a recap. But the summary should just mention a short and crisp description of the body!

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