Best Go to Market Strategy Templates For PowerPoint

Last updated on June 28th, 2022

A go to market plan or a go to market strategy is an organizational plan that is meant to utilize resources to deliver a unique value proposition to customers. Such a plan is meant to help the organization achieve a competitive advantage over its rivals. Let’s take a look at a few basics of a go to market strategy, followed by PowerPoint templates that you can use for presenting your go to market plan.

Best Go to Market Strategy Templates For PowerPoint

What is a Go To Market Strategy?

A Go to Market Strategy is essentially a strategic plan for a company to define the steps needed to move in a new direction. Such a plan might be to enter a new market, to start a new service or launch a new product, or to perhaps re-launch a company after a merger.

The Basics of a Go to Market Plan Presentation

The basics of a go to market plan are presented below. For the purpose of this post, we will be using the Go To Market Strategy PowerPoint Template for defining the basics of a go to market plan.

Go to Market PowerPoint template

Market Segmentation

When making a go-to market plan for a new product, the company should first define the target market. It is possible a company might already have customers from existing products or services to tap into.

Customer Need Analysis PowerPoint template

The Value Proposition

This should be followed by researching on the product or service to identify what value proposition can be offered to customers. A value proposition is the unique selling point of a product or service which can deliver some exclusivity to customers to give the product or service a competitive advantage over competitors.

Value Proposition PowerPoint template

The Pricing Strategy

The pricing strategy is another essential aspect of a go to market plan. Your customer need analysis might help you decide what strategy is best for your product or service. What might be the price the customers might be willing to pay and what model might suit your brand. For example, software application suits use a subscription based model, whereas others prefer to sell a bundle with fee regular updates.

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Defining Your Distribution Model

Making your product accessible to customers is as important a step as any other. You must ensure that you have a distribution model that is practical, cost-effective and easy enough for customers to make use of. Your distribution model must answer some pressing questions in great detail. These include; who to sell, what to sell and how to sell.

Distribution model template for PowerPoint

Chalking Out a Promotion Strategy

You might have a great product or a killer service. However, no one is going to buy it unless they know about it. This is why a promotion strategy is essential to define how might you be able to reach out to your customers.

The Go-to-market PowerPoint template includes different slide designs useful to prepare a GTM strategy plan presentation. The following diagram shows a Go-to-market strategy process from the Supplier to the Customer and including the Vendor, Organization, Documentation, Logistics and HR & Development departments.

7 Essential Elements of a Go To Market Strategy

Plenty of go-to-market slides and PowerPoint templates can be found online. However, a robust Go-to-Market PowerPoint presentation might contain some important slides adapted to your own purpose and strategy. Hence, a comprehensive analysis of the current situation and market conditions must be performed before relying entirely in a PowerPoint presentation template for the preparation of a robust Go-To-Market.

Best Go to Market Strategy templates

The following video by LatAm Startups discusses the 7 essential elements of a go to market strategy by highlighting the pitfalls many startups face when trying to sell their product or service.

Steve Jobs Talks About Apple’s Go To Market Strategy

It’s always nostalgic to see the pioneer of home computing talk about strategies and plans for reshaping the computing market. In this video from 1991, Steve Jobs explains a go to market plan for his company for tapping into the workstation market. This video is a good example of how a go to market Plan is developed and what goes into making a great go to market strategy.

To showcase your go to market plan, you can download the Go To Market PowerPoint Template by SlideModel via the blue box below. This template comes with a plethora of slides to help you define and reveal each aspect of your go to market strategy in great detail. You can preview all slides from this template below.

Free Go To Market PowerPoint Template (BONUS)

Alternatively, if you need to prepare a GTM presentation, you can use the free Go-to-market PowerPoint template provided in this website.

Download Free Go-to-market PowerPoint template

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