Animated SWOT Analysis Template For PowerPoint

A SWOT analysis is one of the most common type of evaluations used to measure a company’s strengths and opportunities against weaknesses and threats which might affect short-term and long-term prospects. In a previous post we extensively covered what a SWOT analysis is and we have also reviewed a number of SWOT Analysis Templates for PowerPoint. SWOT Infographic Toolkit is yet another awesome template which can help you create a professional SWOT analysis for an audience, with the visual aid of various customizable diagrams.

Animated SWOT analysis template for PowerPoint

Create SWOT Analysis Infographics & Diagrams

This template has a modern design, with sample slides which can help you easily generate your very own SWOT diagrams and infographics. The layouts are quite attractive with well-matched color tones and effects that can help draw attention to your slides.

SWOT infographic toolkit for PowerPoint

Animated SWOT Analysis Slide Designs

These animated slides load a diagram when you switch to a slide. These diagrams can be edited by adding content to the placeholders. You can also add additional placeholders and rearrange slide objects to create custom diagrams, infographics or content slide layouts.

Swot diagram for PowerPoint

With the aid of this animated SWOT template you can design a number of slides to display different types of SWOT diagrams. These can include different aspects of your analysis explained in various slides or multiple SWOT analysis presented slide by slide.

Swot infographic for PowerPoint

Change Default Theme Colors

Among the many customization options, you can also change the default theme colors to reflect your organization’s colors or in line with the colors associated with your ideas or specific sub-topic. For example, if you are making a SWOT analysis for a company competing in the provision of organic food, you can turn your theme green. Similarly, many organizations have blue logos, hence, you might want to turn the colors of slide objects and the background to shades that match your company’s logo.

Change default colors of Swot template

This SWOT template can be downloaded in Widescreen and the commonly used Standard 4×3 variant for Windows and Mac versions of PowerPoint.

Go to Presenter Media – SWOT Infographic Toolkit for PowerPoint (Standard)

Go to Presenter Media – SWOT Infographic Toolkit for PowerPoint (Widescreen)

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