Best Gantt Chart & Project Management PowerPoint Templates

Gantt charts are often used to depict project schedules and the state of an ongoing project in terms of the progress made regarding set milestones. We previously brought you a list of 10 Best Gantt Chart tools & Templates for Project Management. This time we have singled out some professionally designed PowerPoint templates that you can use for depicting your Gantt charts as PowerPoint slides. The list of the best Gantt chart & project management PowerPoint Templates given below provide a diverse set of flexible layout options to help project managers create perfect looking Gantt charts to discuss project schedules and progress.


Project Management Gantt Chart PowerPoint Template

With this Gantt chart template, you can create a comprehensive chart to depict timelines and roadmaps of your project. The template has a flat design, with solid colors that make up the different horizontal lines of the Gantt chart. This is a fully customizable template, which means that you can reorganize the sample content, recolor slide objects, as well as drag to resize individual elements within slides to create custom Gantt charts that are both easy to understand, and elaborate enough to cover the subject matter in question.

Other than the title slide, the template features seven different Gantt chart layouts.

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Editable Gantt Chart Template for PowerPoint

This Gantt chart template comes with a darker theme, which amidst colorful horizontal lines, allows you to create attractive Gantt charts. This Gantt chart template for PowerPoint is somewhat similar to the one mentioned above, with a color scheme that is more attention grabbing and suitable for highlighting more complex Gantt charts due to the darker background that helps emphasize the colorful Gantt chart elements.

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Animated Gantt Chart Project Progress PowerPoint Template

This Gantt chart template is meant to reveal the project progress, using animated slides. What’s great about this template is that it is interactive. This means that you can switch between slides, back and forth, by picking a task to switch to. The default slide deck gives a set of interconnected slides, which are linked together.

The template is easy enough to edit and requires little customization to create professional looking Gantt charts to show project progress.

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Gantt Charts PowerPoint Template

This template gives a set of more than a dozen Gantt chart slides with different layouts for revealing your project plan and/or progress. The template has easy to edit slides, which are comprehensive enough to help you create an elaborate Gantt chart presentation to cover all aspects of your project plans.

The template can be downloaded in a blue or multi-color theme from the developer’s website.

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Free Project Plan PowerPoint Template

This is a free Gantt chart template, which gives editable slide design which are usually a feature of paid templates. Hence, this is not only a great free Gantt chart template but it features edibility that can rival any premium Gantt template for PowerPoint.

If you’re a project manager who often needs to make presentations, you might also be interested in these free timeline templates for PowerPoint.

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The list given above consists of mostly premium Gantt chart templates which have been designed exclusively to make project management presentations easy to design using Gantt charts. Furthermore, you can make use of the editable layouts to customize the slides as heavily as you need to. What makes these premium templates worth the cost are their ability to be seamlessly adapted to various platforms like PowerPoint, Keynote and Google Slides, with high-quality output on all kinds of monitors.

Unlike commonly available free Gantt chart templates, you can avoid being embarrassed due to low quality graphics, which can appear vague on large screens. Moreover, common Gantt chart templates are usually rigid and difficult to edit, with backgrounds that can be overpowering enough to overshadow Gantt charts.

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