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Integrate Math Equations in Word with MyScript Math Sample

MyScript Math Sample

When it comes to creating reports, studies, research, and other things Math-related, it can be hard to input mathematical and scientific equations in Microsoft Word. After all, Word doesn’t necessarily have all kinds of math symbols easily accessible. This can make writing math equations in Word quite harder than it should be. MyScript Math Sample …

How to Group Pictures in Word

group objects to modify them at the same time

Over the decades, Microsoft Word has improved its features allowing you to input text and incorporate many kinds of objects into the documents. These objects, such as images and shapes, can be easily formatted, customized, and manipulated. So whether you are preparing reports, analyses, manuscripts, brochures or any other document, you can easily make it …

How to Record Screen in PowerPoint 2016


Microsoft PowerPoint has come a long way from changing the way we present slides to helping us make the most of our current technology to share our messages. PowerPoint is widely used not only in business settings, but also in classrooms, communities, and households. One important PowerPoint feature to note is its screen recording functionality. …