Schoolyard Kids Education PowerPoint Template

Last updated on October 19th, 2023

We can find a lot of education-themed PPT templates online, available for PowerPoint, PowerPoint Online, or even Google Slides. If you are a teacher or an educator looking to make a presentation for younger children, you would need presentation templates that are interesting enough and engaging for them. These types of presentations should be colorful, with familiar images that are interesting and engaging for them.

The Schoolyard Kids Education PowerPoint Template is a fun and beautiful template that you can use for PowerPoint Presentations where your audience is filled with children. You can also use this template to present to grownups, such as child educators or even child psychologists, to name two.

Beautifully Illustrated Educational Template for Children's Presentations with a Kite

Educational Presentation Template With Focus On Children

This educational template for PowerPoint Online can be accessed using your browser through any mobile device. You can also choose to save it into your computer or other device and modify the template from there. The design of the template is optimized with the widescreen format of this template, making it perfect even when you have an audience from afar.

Fun and Engaging Presentation Template for Children and Adults Alike

Aside from these features, the template is also very visual and interesting. It has schoolyard scenes, like boys and girls walking to their class, playing on the monkey bars or on jumping ropes, flying kites. The template also suggests usage for elementary school teachers, daycares, play schools, and other child-related programs.

Customize According To Your Own Preferences

This Schoolyard Kids Education PowerPoint Template contains 12 beautifully illustrated slides. The first slide is a cover slide that features two schoolboys reading and a school girl flying a kite. Here, you can write your presentation title on a light blue background, which is the sky.

Create Your Own Photo Album From This Educational Template

The succeeding slides contain the same images of school children with varying placements and positions on the slides, depending on their layout. The slide contains various layouts where you can add your photos, text, lists, tables, charts, and diagrams. The layout also makes it easy for you to use the template as a photo album, for a class and the like.

Go to Download Schoolyard Kids Education PowerPoint Template (UPDATE: The link is no longer valid)

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