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Turn Off Cell Phone Poster Templates For Word


Cellular phones, or cell phones, are very handy and convenient devices that people rely on today for more than just making calls. Today, people use these devices, also known as smartphones, for productivity, record-keeping, entertainment, communication, and so many other things. However, it is not all the time that you can use your cell phones. …

Group Thesis Template For Word


Whether you are in college or in high school, or even when you are in a professional setting, there may be times that you would need to write a paper with a team or a partner. This could be a research or a study that aims to solve a problem or provide proof of your …

Recipe With Shopping List Template For Word


If you’re an avid foodie, cooking newbie, or simply want to try on a new recipe for a special dinner, you can’t stress enough the importance of having every ingredient, kitchen gadget, and equipment prepared before you start cooking. There’s nothing worse than mixing most of your ingredients for that pound cake only to forget …

Party Event Flyer Template For Word


Organizing an event that you know would be a hit? Then tell everyone about it with this Party Event Flyer Template for Word. This flyer template is perfect for all kinds of events, from concerts to fundraisers to simple get-togethers.

Sheer Green Border Design Widescreen PowerPoint Template


You want to create a clean-looking presentation that is interesting enough without images or other sharp and bold designs. You want your audience to focus on your content without any distractions, but you don’t want them to get bored. Of course, you have to create a beautiful presentation and discuss it to your audience in a clear …

Informal Event Menu Maker Template For Word


Whether you are a professional party planner, someone who likes to throw parties, or are simply faced with the task to plan a party, you can find this next template helpful. This Informal Event Menu Maker Template for Word is a professionally designed template that doesn’t take a professional to make an impressive event menu.

Sheer Blue Border Widescreen PowerPoint Template


Nothing is as refreshing to the eyes as bright colors. Even better, bright blue ones. If you are planning to create a technical or very serious PowerPoint presentation, you may want to counter it with something light and easy on the eyes such as this next blue template.

Happy Birthday Banner PowerPoint Template


Birthdays, from those of little children to that of the elderly, are all worth celebrating. It not only marks a milestone in life but it is a celebration of life itself. So whether you are planning a big bash or a grand dinner to celebrate the birthday of a friend, colleague, family member or loved one, you …

Congratulations Banner PowerPoint Template


An achievement, such as a promotion at work or graduating from college, are milestones that are worth celebrating by family and friends. In these achievements, congratulations are in order and nothing else can say “Congratulations” with more bang than the Congratulations Banner PowerPoint Template.

Waves PowerPoint Templates

The imagery of the sea and the waves represent serenity, peacefulness, calm, nature, and beauty. Using waves as a theme to your presentations will channel calm feelings and you will have a better chance of getting your message across and convincing your audience.

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