12 Month Timeline Template For Word Online

Last updated on September 5th, 2023

A Timeline is a visual way of displaying critical historical events, company, family, or personal milestones. A timeline chronologically lists the events as they happen throughout history, including the dates and years. There are many beautiful ways to create timelines for school or work using timeline templates in PowerPoint. In this article, we will discuss a timeline template you can use for Word Online.

12-Month Timeline for School, Office or Personal Use

Create 12 Month Timeline for Any Year (Past, Present or Future)

This 12 Month Timeline Template for Word Online is a clean, sleek, and beautifully designed timeline template that you can use for your school or personal milestones, or as reminders of tasks that need to be completed in a year. This template can help you plan for the current year or even the year ahead, just by changing the sample year from 2014 to 2015, or any year you want to create a timeline for, past or future.

If you are in school and you want to map out your activities and deliverables for the school year, then this template can be useful for you. You can easily access this through Word Online in your mobile or tablet, or download it for your computer. You can even print it to post on your wall or bulletin board to always remind you of your tasks, plans or goals.

Customize to Show Your Own Timeline for Past Present or Future Events
Example of History of Rock and Roll Music Timeline Design

This template can also be used for work, if you want to plan your year’s activities, deliverables, and goals. This timeline has many uses. For school projects or student reports, you can use this timeline template to show the development of events in history. For example, by changing the years and months into actual years and specific days, you can show to the class the development or the important inventions that gave way to computers.

Customize to Create Your Own Design or Show Your Creativity

You can also use this timeline to show medical breakthroughs or tackle topics like music, paleontology, biology, mathematics, art, or literary history.

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