Channel Marketing Budget Template For Excel


Channel marketing is a strategy used by large firms wherein they offer a wide array of products across a wide and diverse sales territory. In order to get the product from production, through distribution, and finally to the customers, strategic channel marketing is necessary in order to reduce costs and optimize profits.

Sample Mail Merge Letter For Word

Today, mail takes on a whole new level as technology grows. From dozens to hundreds, we are now able to send up to thousands of letters all over the globe for corporate or marketing use. One such technology is mail merge, which makes mass mailing so much easier using pre-addressed and personalized letters.

Product Press Release With Product Announcement Template For Word

A product press release is used by many companies who sell and churn out new products. This product press release helps promote the product and increase awareness about its benefits and what consumers can get by buying it. To grab the attention of readers and potential buyers, however, a product press release must be persuasive …

SnowPlow Event Analytics Platform For Cohort Analysis & Lean Startup

SnowPlow is an open source event analytics platform for collecting and warehousing your data for detailed analysis to boost your sales and to engage your customers more effectively. Companies use SnowPlow to collect event data using various platforms, such as mobile apps, websites and service side systems. SnowPlow collects the respective data which can be …

Best Software & Services For Performing Cohort Analysis

Cohort analysis is becoming an essential form of data analysis for e-commerce platforms. There are a number of tools which can enable you to perform a cohort analysis. Data derived after performing a cohort analysis can be particularly useful for formulating new marketing strategies and you can also have something special to show with your …

Animated Funnel Diagrams PowerPoint Template

Funnel Diagrams are important for depicting sales related information such as the stages in a sales process. The Animated Funnel Diagrams PowerPoint Template provides a set of various animated PowerPoint slides with innovative layouts which you can customize for making funnel diagrams.

Social Mobile Analytics Cloud (SMAC) PowerPoint Template

SMAC is a modern concept based in 4 technologies that are currently driving the business innovation and transforming the way businesses do business. It stands for Social, Mobile, Analytics and Cloud. If you need to prepare a presentation around these concepts you can download the SMAC PowerPoint template prepared in a way that can help to describe and …

Transform Your Website To A Personalized Live Site For Clients With vCita

Having a website has become quite a necessary tool even for small and medium size businesses. Websites are no longer limited to large corporate entities, as even a local retailer can sell goods more efficiently using an online store. However, many websites lack the personalized feel that is required to engage customers and to turn …

Door Hanger Flyers Template For Word

Car Wash Fundraiser Door Hanger Template

Nothing gives more direct marketing with consumers than giving out flyers. You can have your employees go out of the store and hand out flyers to passersby and afterwards, these potential customers can ask for more details from your employees. Once you get the customers’ attention, they may want to instantly head to your store. …