10 Best PowerPoint Templates for Presentations on Digital Marketing

An extended term of Digital Marketing covers all of your online marketing endeavors. To support businesses, digital channels such as social media, email, search engines, and respective websites play their roles to connect with their prevailing and proposed consumers. It is an umbrella term for marketing products or services using digital technologies. It also includes Internet, mobile phones, display advertising, and any other digital medium.

People used most of their time manually buying or purchasing some twelve years ago, but today the way of shopping has changed a lot; now, online marketing is more effective than offline or custom shopping style. There are several ways of digital marketing, which are presented hereunder in ten different ways in PowerPoint presentations on digital marketing. As a digital marketer, you may need to present a digital marketing strategy to your boss or clients. So, How to present a digital marketing strategy? This article reviews some of the best Digital Marketing Strategy templates for PowerPoint & Google Slides.

1. Digital Marketing Channels PowerPoint Template

Digital Marketer PowerPoint template

Digital Marketing Channel is a famous way to develop a proposal. For the goal’s success, all possible digital advertising sources, such as social media and the Internet, are used. These development channels also include conventional retailing, mobile, and other less popular digital media sources. When we generally speak about digital retailing, it is connected with marketing using the web and the internet.

The view of present PowerPoint presentation for marketing channel is for you to present smart suggestions to get customers posting content about your brand.

Ultimately, the benefit of Digital Marketing Channels PowerPoint Template is for you to simply explain in details on how digital marketing policy and statistics is done.

2. Full Funnel Marketing PowerPoint Template

Dark Funnel Diagram template for presentations on Marketing Topics

The Professional Full Funnel marketing PowerPoint Template is a presentation created to represent the idea, its Plans, and Tactics to an administrative public.

The concept consists of sending a regular message to the destination audience completely the entire exchange journey. Powerful Full Funnel Marketers involve their audience from their intended stage at the height of the funnel down to the ultimate bargaining.

This display changes from the old sales funnel template. It is designed for defining certain thoughts over the purchasing funnel instead of showing results over the selling process.

Marketing presentation templates need a theme and appealing graphics for the audience’s focus in the message. Marketing strategies serve to be great, and professional PowerPoint visuals can help decrease the amount of written material, substituting it with PowerPoint Shapes, PowerPoint Icons, and PowerPoint Charts. In this case, you can take the most of your digital marketing results and present them to an audience, using top-notch marketing funnel templates.

3. Marketing Campaigns Dashboard for PowerPoint

The Marketing Dashboard Campaigns PPT Templates give excellent data dashboard presentations for social media campaigns. This dashboard template is particularly designed for Digital Marketing Agencies and different business marketers.

Digital Marketing Dashboard for PowerPoint presentations and Google Slides

Obviously, the user can edit the PowerPoint elements utilizing regular states, features, and additional characteristics.

The users can use the dashboards to complete the most valuable social media Key Performance. This Marketing Campaign Dashboard PowerPoint Template with even forms includes line chart designs, bar charts, dashboard gauges, donut charts, PowerPoint icons, and more Marketing Template data charts.  Similarly, the number of visits in a period, the number of users exposed, and overall content ranks.

The Marketing Dashboard Campaigns PPT Templates and its different dashboard elements are ready to use templates. The users can easily edit their own data and change the graphics to fit the plan.

4. Content Marketing Plan PowerPoint Template

Content Marketing Plan PPT Templates present a complete report for marketing business. The present era of digital marketing management performs a vital function for your business. Although most small and medium companies don’t have a marketing business plan and policy. This PPT template will help you on how to make a comprehensive and useful marketing plan checklist. This template is excellent for all business types.

Simple Funnel Diagram design for PowerPoint presentations and Google Slides

This template is created in a colorful scheme with serial step processes, table, and charts, diagrams, title boxes, and text placeholders. This presentation template includes professional editable PowerPoint Icons, created with smooth images. All icons can be written in all their properties as color, size, shape, position and effects. This PowerPoint template allows you to focus on your business fundamental way.

Additionally, the Content Marketing Plan PPT Templates provide you an established presentation and valuable analysis for your business presentations. You will certainly pass your plan and objectives straight to your views.

5. Free Marketing PPT template

Marketing Word Cloud PowerPoint template for Digital Marketing presentations

Free Marketing PowerPoint template with a colorful background for Microsoft PowerPoint and magnifier design for presentations. Marketing is the process of demonstrating the value of a product or service to consumers and clients. Nowadays marketing is also trained in institutes as a subject. By using free Marketing PPT templates you can produce instructional presentations.

In this digital age, eMarketing is a successful strategy for marketing, it refers to selling goods to clients through the internet. For interacting with your clients for selling your goods through the internet, this marketing PPT Template could be proved very helpful. You can make a presentation on interests of different publication methods using free PPT template.

6. Free Marketing Plan Template

Marketing Plan PowerPoint template

This free PPT Marketing Plan Template is supposed to be used as a guideline for the construction of a perfect presentation template for advertisement of the business products.

Here is a free PPT presentation for your support to help you in the preparation of a perfect and effective PPT presentation for your business plan. Rather, using the conventional management method and business invention methodologies, check the strong startup strategy and rapid development method.

To produce an effective and complete marketing strategy you can also download free marketing plan designs and business increase diagrams for presentations.

7. Free Marketing Mix Diagram Template for PowerPoint

Marketing Mix PowerPoint template for presentations on Digital Marketing

Marketing Diagram Mix PPT Template a simple design and modern diagram used in Marketing Strategy PPT presentations. You have to make a careful examination of the product, promotion, price, and place restrictions in your marketing plan to satisfy the purpose audience. These free PPT backgrounds directed at getting out the advantage of an idea which performs an important role in important planning and developing new products.

To determine the range of a new promotion, download Marketing Mix Diagram PPT template in addition to other Management diagrams and charts for calculation of its response to the target market. Those MBA students who are preparing to start a strong startup company or a small based consultancy service may help from the simple access to this design.

8. Free Marketing Plan Template Background for PowerPoint

Free PowerPoint Template for Marketing Plan is a simple marketing plan template for Marketing presentations with very helpful slide designs. This PPT template or slides can be used for different presentations on Marketing, besides other marketing strategy slides to show a Marketing Plan and involves general marketing topics like timelines, challenges, marketing plan summary, and diagrams.

Example of Timeline by Quarters slide design

This design depicting timeline is created with a road recognition and breakthroughs can be used to enrich your timelines in PowerPoint and add data for each of the quarters.

This PPT Marketing Template is a great choice if you are watching for such backgrounds for presentations on Marketing.

9. Useful Diagrams for PowerPoint

Useful Diagrams for PowerPoint presentations with unique slide designs

This PPT diagram is prepared with a huge collection of slides which can easily be customized to view data for your presentations. Many flowcharts, relationship charts, data charts, timelines, schedules,  maps, and outline diagrams. The improved and refined designs will enable you to present your data with accuracy and delicacy. The diagrams are easy to be edited in Microsoft PowerPoint and also compatible with other popular presentation tools like Keynote and Google Slides (see slide bundle review here).

These diagrams are displayed in a separate file you can simply copy the needed designs and paste them into your own slideshow. The object and things included in the set can easily be reshaped, recolored, moved, or removed by editing the slides. These slides are easy to add the text or to add/remove text boxes or want to change the font. Media places are editable and easy to substitute the images or pictures with your own images or pictures.

10. Pitch Presentation template for Google Slides

While PowerPoint is one of the preferred tools to make presentations, Google Slides is also gaining popularity. Today, you can create a business presentation using top-notch free templates that can also be exported as a PowerPoint template or combined with other Microsoft PowerPoint templates. The Pitch Template for Google Slides is a good example of this kind of design, featuring a great color scheme and visually appealing slides to make your slide decks attractive.

Market Size PowerPoint with Globe Illustration


Eventually, we can say that marketing is a good source for connecting with your clients at the right time and right place. The need of the day is that you must be aware of where they are spending their time on the Internet and where to meet them and offer your services.

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