Guide to Digital Marketing and Best Digital Marketing PowerPoint Templates

Last updated on September 11th, 2020

Many conventional modes of marketing are fast becoming obsolete. From newspapers, direct mail, postcards, brochures and flyers to door to door sales, demos and events, all have now hit a snag. While conventional marketing methods were already suffering in the wake of digital marketing, COVID-19 has further changed the marketing landscape by making it impossible for businesses to conduct conventional product launches and events. This is why it is now important for businesses to master the art of digital marketing. Below is our brief explanation of digital marketing and best digital marketing PowerPoint templates.

Digital Marketing and best digital marketing PowerPoint templates

What is Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing is the use of the Internet and digital devices such as mobile phones to reach customers, such as through social media, mobile apps, search engines, email, etc. Digital marketing uses the Internet to attract customers using a number of methods. Many businesses now advertise and sell online, as well as conduct events through webinars and online product launches. Digital marketing uses an interactive method for reaching out to customers. Be it online ads, SMS, promoted social media posts or marketing emails, the method for reaching out customers digitally requires an interactive, two-way method of marketing.

In the wake of COVID-19 many brick and mortar businesses have been left with no option but to sell online and to even conduct their product launches through virtual events. There is much debate regarding the evolution of digital marketing and how it should be deemed as a new trend that needs to be harnessed for reaching out to customers.

Key Components of a Digital Marketing Strategy

We can say that a digital marketing strategy entails identifying what to sell, who to sell it to, how to sell it, which tools and platforms to use and when and where to target your audience using digital platforms, as well as your major selling point. Digital marketing gives the utility to be specific when targeting an audience according to not only their preferences but also their geographical location, which can even be narrowed down to a specific province, city, town, etc.

1. Identify Your Digital Marketing Goals

The first thing you should do when making a digital marketing strategy is to identify your goals. Say you are a retailer selling grocery items who wants to start delivering items to people nearby. In this case, your goal can be to reach out to customers in an area, e.g. a city in order to deliver grocery items.

2. Identify Your Audience and Build Buyer Personas

Before launching your digital marketing campaign, you should spend some time identifying your audience and making buyer personas. There are many tools such as Google Ads, Facebook and Twitter ads which enable advertisers to drill down to identify valuable keywords based on their selection of audience. In this case you can segregate audience based on age range, gender, interests and location to find the most suitable audience to advertise your business. You also need to identify your customers’ needs and why they might find it useful to buy your product or acquire your service. This is essential to find that unique selling point to stay ahead of competitors.

3. Identify How to Reach Your Goals

You will also need to identify whether you will be able to offer one-hour delivery, same day delivery or a 24 hour period before the order is complete. To provide a quick service, such as a one-hour delivery, you can also hire the services of a third-party service which offers deliveries of grocery items in the city. This might also enable you to sell items via the service provider’s app. Many services such as FoodPanda, Uber Eats and offer delivery services via their apps. Many food delivery apps like FoodPanda and Uber are also diversifying by offering grocery items from nearby retailers in countries they operate in the wake of the COVID-19 crisis.

4. Identify Digital Marketing Tools and Platforms

When selling your product, will you use a third-party app to sell your items or attract customers or will you create your own digital shopping cart? Do you have the required investment to start selling online and maintain a service yourself or need to partner with an established service (e.g. delivery service)? These are questions you must answer when making your digital marketing strategy and even before the strategy is to be made. How you sell your product and what tools you use is essential to aid your strategy. Moreover, you need to identify the relevant advertising platforms such as pay per click, social media, banner ads on websites, Google Ads, email marketing, SMS marketing, etc.

5. Monitor and Adjust your Digital Marketing Strategy

Regardless of the platform you use, you should make provisions for data analysis and adjustment of your strategy. Many ad platforms such as Facebook provide you with insights regarding user engagement and even alert you when your ad is under-performing. In such a case you can pause the ad, adjust keywords, target audience, age range, ad image, etc. You can then resume your ad and see how your target audience responds. Based on the budget and expertise you have at hand, you can analyze your audience and the way they respond to your ads using anything from a simple excel spreadsheet to digital tools like Google Analytics, Adobe Analytics, Salesforce and the like.

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Digital Marketing Impact in Times of Coronavirus?

The impact of digital marketing cannot be ignored in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. This is because as of September 2020, many countries are still under some type of lockdown. Similarly, it will take a while before people are willing and able to start venturing out regularly for buying goods and services. This is why it is now essential for businesses to use digital marketing in order to reach out to customers and offer goods and services at their doorstep or under sterile conditions with necessary precautions. In many countries’ barbers are turning the clock and offering services at the customer’s doorstep. This is only one example of how much the spread of the Novel Coronavirus has changed the way people prefer to acquire services or buy goods. Not to mention delivery services are experiencing an all-time boom, whereas businesses which are not digital are finding it hard to survive with millions of businesses fearing closure around the globe.

Digital marketing helps bridge that gap between the reluctance of people to venture out and the need to reach out to them. It is easier for customers to order items or schedule and appointment than to go out not knowing if a place will be crowded or crawling with people infected from COVID-19.

Digital marketing impact in times of Coronavirus

Best PowerPoint Templates to Prepare a Digital Marketing Presentation

As a digital marketing expert, it can be challenging to explain all the details of your digital marketing strategy to a customer using just a document. This is why we have picked a list of the best PowerPoint templates to prepare digital marketing presentations.

1. Digital Marketing PowerPoint Template

This is a comprehensive digital marketing template that might just be the only PowerPoint template you might need for making your digital marketing posts. There are more than a dozen slides in this template with slides for introducing your company, team and services, as well as to explain your digital marketing strategy, share trends and suggested marketing channels.

Digital Marketing PowerPoint Template

Go to Download Digital Marketing PowerPoint Template by SlideModel

2. Digital Marketing Dashboard PowerPoint Template

This is a digital marketing template for PowerPoint with illustrations that can help you visually convey your message with ease. The template provides charts, social media icons, the world map and country flags in a layout which can be used for presenting data, trends, target audience preferences, etc. The template gives three customizable slides in the form of a dashboard to help presenters accommodate large chunks of information in just a few slides.

Digital marketing dashboard PowerPoint template

Go to Download Digital Marketing Dashboard PowerPoint Template

Final Words

A digital marketing strategy requires answering the fundamental questions of who, what, why, where, how and when. You need to carefully consider your goals, the target audience, the means you intend to reach them, the digital tools and channels you intend to use, your unique selling point and the way you intend to monitor your progress. There are also other considerations such as the best time to show an ad to an audience and which products or packages to highlight to make your ad attractive.

Regardless of whether you have been running a brick and mortar store or have been selling online for several years, in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic the marketing landscape has changed. In the wake of an evolution in the way people will buy products and services in the near future, digital marketing is an essential component without which many businesses will find it hard to survive.

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