10+ Best Creative PowerPoint Templates for Marketing Presentations

Preparing a marketing presentation can be challenging, especially when we need to combine complex information involving multiple sources of data. This could include target sales figures and statistics. At the same time, we want our presentation to be visually-attractive in order to engage the audience and avoid Death by PowerPoint.

This work can be streamlined by using pre-designed PowerPoint templates for Marketing. With the help of presentation templates, we can make presentations that really move the audience and make them enough engaged with the purpose of your slide deck.

One of the most reliable presentation template providers is SlideModel. Here you can find professional PowerPoint templates for your business needs. Online marketing specialists can also take advantage of this resource as it contains thousands of pre-designed graphics including infographics and original slide layouts that are 100% editable in PowerPoint and Google Slides.

Below you can find some of the top ten hand-picked PowerPoint templates for you. Most of them are from SlideModel but you can also find templates from other resources, including our own site of free PowerPoint templates.

1. Inbound Digital Marketing PowerPoint template

Inbound Digital Marketing PowerPoint Template

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2 STP marketing Mix PowerPoint template

STP Marketing Mix PowerPoint Template

This marketing mix PowerPoint template can be used to make an STP Marketing presentation. STP marketing is a 3 step approach to building a targeted marketing plan. The STP Marketing presentation template helps toward creating a presentation that can be used to make this plan combining the three components Segmenting, Targeting and Positioning.

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3. General Purpose Free Google Slides Template

Free Google Slides Timeline Design

This is a completely editable, 100% Google Slides theme provided by Free Google PowerPoint Templates. There are multiple icons and shapes that can be used for a versatile expression of ideas. Even if this template is for Google Slides, it can still be download as a .pptx.

Each PPT has a unique design and a variety of visuals to choose from. This template provides an excellent way to engage your audience in a mesmerizing manner.

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4. 4 Step Funnel Diagram for PowerPoint

4 Level Funnel Diagram PowerPoint Template

This funnel diagram can help to represent a sales or marketing funnel process in PowerPoint with the use of stunning diagrams. The funnel is editable as it allows to change the text placeholders or the colors used to represent each segment. The semi-transparency effect makes this diagram unique.

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5. Marketing Pitch Deck Google Slides Template

Free pitch deck template for Google Slides. This presentation design can be exported as a PowerPoint presentation file (.pptx) but also can be used in Google Slides, which enables the marketing experts to prepare awesome slide decks.

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6. Marketing Word Cloud Picture for PowerPoint

Marketing Cloud words diagram for PowerPoint

The Marketing Word Cloud template is a presentation design containing an awesome word cloud diagram with Marketing as the primary key. The image contains 100% transparency and can be used in our marketing presentations.

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7. Digital Marketing Channels Showcase PowerPoint Template

Digital Marketing Channels Showcase PowerPoint Template is designed in such a way so as to accommodate your need for presenting all the target social media sites and the channels of promotion like the internet, mobiles, tablets. Through this template, you can bring focus on the digital marketing strategies and the benefits of the Electronic Word of Mouth (eWOM).

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8. Full Funnel Marketing PowerPoint Template

Funnel marketing PowerPoint Template is designed to elaborate on the Funnel Marketing concept. Marketing experts can use this template to show important information and to explain all the marketing stages starting from the prospective stage of the funnel until reaching the final purchase. The funnel infographics in this template makes this design very creative and professional at the same time, giving the presenter enough flexibility to adapt the design for their own presentation requirements or elaborate on the detail used in marketing techniques such as customer awareness, generated leads and the relationship between all of these.

This presentation template for PowerPoint enables you to discuss your marketing strategy as well as your plan of action. It is provided by SlideModel.com, one of the leading providers of presentation templates.

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9. Free Marketing Mix Diagram Template for PowerPoint

Marketing Mix PowerPoint Template

This Marketing Mix PowerPoint template is free and even it has a simple design, it can be edited easily in PowerPoint, helping the marketing expert to prepare a final slide in a matter of minutes. Using this slide, the marketer can highlight the importance of the well-known marketing mix diagram. This plays an important role in presenting marketing plans and strategies.

The 4Ps in the Marketing Mix (Product, Place, Price and Promotion) can be represented with this diagram and through this presentation template, it is very easy to convey a message and present the scope of a new marketing plan, strategy or a marketing mix promotion, e,g. for Cyber Monday or Black Friday.

The advanced infographic PowerPoint templates give you all you need need to the crafty presentation.

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10. Marketing Campaigns Dashboard PowerPoint Template

Marketing Dashboard PowerPoint template

Business marketing specialists and marketing agencies can use this multi-purpose marketing PowerPoint presentation template. The multiple visual components can help make a very compelling slideshow while conveying a message or showing data via a presentation dashboard.

Features of this template are:

  • 9 high-quality slide designs
  • 100% editable presentation
  • Multiple slide layouts and charts available

This PowerPoint template is very effective when creating a presentation template to reach a global audience with dashboard data and information from multiple sources.

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