Animated Social Media Template for PowerPoint

Last updated on December 2nd, 2021

Leveraging social media platforms has become so common that not only businesses but non-profits and even freelancers use it. Be it social media marketing or simply using popular platforms for user engagement, what plays a major role in reaching out to target audience is to understand your metrics and to make a strategy to improve outreach, user engagement and brand awareness. The Animated Social Media Template for PowerPoint can be a great slide deck to discuss the aforementioned in your PowerPoint presentations.

The opening slide gives editable elements, depicting icons for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube and LinkedIn. You can add a title and subtitle to make the slide relevant to your presentation topic. The title slide also give subtle social media related icons in the background, including symbols like the like and message icons.

Animated social media template for PowerPoint

Social Media Timelines and Infographics

The social media PPT template gives a number of slides for making visualizations such as social media timelines, comparisons and infographics, which are great to prepare your presentations and slides on social media marketing. You can also use drag and drop to adjust these sample slides or simply add text to leverage the design and pre-enabled animations that come with them.

Social media metrics

Social Media Trends

You can show social media trends using charts and diagrams. These are easy enough to edit and you can easily show trends for various social media accounts in a single slide.

Social media analytics in PowerPoint

Compare Trends for Social Media Accounts

The slide shown below depicts a layout for comparing social media accounts. You can use this slide for a variety of purposes such as for comparing trends, benefits of each social media platform or to showcase parts of your social media strategy.

Social media comparison slide

There are also more generic diagram slides that can be useful for incorporating in your social media related presentation slides. The over 10 slides give ample space for customizing your content according to specific presentation needs, with a number of handy layout options.

Social media infographic slide

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