Customizable Caveman Clipart For PowerPoint Presentations

Presentations about human evolution, history and ancient civilizations often result in a lot of yawning faces in the audience. Hence, you need to make your slides more interesting by using some fresh ideas for your presentation to ensure that you can keep your audience interested in your presented content, and most of all, awake!

Getting Kicked Out Of The Door Clipart For PowerPoint

Sometimes all you need is a good clipart image to say it all. Be it kicking a bad habit or kicking out the competitor to take over a market, you can illustrate such basic ideas with the help of interesting clipart images and animations.

Creative Docs: Free Alternative To Adobe Illustrator And CorelDraw

Creative Docs is a free tool for designing vector based graphics. It can be used as a viable alternative to CorelDraw and Adobe Illustrator, with features that enable creating banners, manuals, illustrations for PowerPoint presentations, organizational charts, mind maps, schemas and the like. Due to its elaborate features, it can easily be used as an …

Awesome Pig & Piggy Bank Illustrations for PowerPoint Presentations

Piggy banks are also known as penny bank or money box, and it is a traditional name of a coin container. You can learn moremore about Piggy banks but if you need to prepare a financial PowerPoint presentation for example with self help articles or topics, then you can download piggy bank illustrations for PowerPoint presentations. …

Doodleslide Provides Awesome Hand Drawn PowerPoint Templates And Clipart

While most people look for flashy graphics and complex PowerPoint designs, what they often forget is that sometimes one can simply attract the attention of an audience with a touch of simplicity. Doodleslide is an interesting service that offers hand drawn PowerPoint templates and Clip art. The aim of the Doodleslide team is to make …