Free Buzzword PowerPoint Template

You might want to highlight some buzzwords in the title slide or to create a layout where certain words our highlighted throughout the presentation. The Free Buzzword PowerPoint Template gives an editable slide deck where you can highlight certain buzzwords. the template provides an editable megaphone illustration with some words coming out of it. You can edit the sample keywords to add your own to highlight important aspects of your presentation topic.


Editable Sample Slides with Replaceable Buzzwords

The Buzzword PowerPoint Template has two sample slides with nearly identical layouts. The first slide adds a shadow effect to the words coming out of the megaphone, giving the indication of sound coming out of the megaphone. The second sample slide does not have the shadow effect and comes with a more minimalist look. Either way, you can edit the given buzzwords and even insert additional text-boxes to highlight your required keywords, as well as create infographics.


Editable Megaphone Illustration

You can edit the sample megaphone illustration by separating the different parts of the device using drag and drop. This can help you reshape and recolor the megaphone according to need. This way, you can create custom slides that can better represent your presentation topic, with a touch of your own customizations. Alternatively, you can use the given sample slides in their original form and duplicate them to quickly create a professional looking presentation deck. Needless to say, you can also use the Design menu to change the background style and color of the template.


You can also tweak the shadow effect of the first slide using formatting options by selecting the shadow as a separate object in PowerPoint. You can download the Free Buzzword PowerPoint Template from SlideHunter. For more details, see link below.

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