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There are a number of online drawing software and online flow chart tools like LucidChart, Smartsheet and Grapholite, however, most come with very rudimentary features, unless you upgrade to a paid version. Moreover, even the ones which come with no strings attached are too laborious to use. A primary example of the latter is Google Drawings.

Many a time users are looking for something that can give them basic templates, so that they may get a head start in making diagrams and charts. In such a case a free flow chart maker or a Visio online alternative can help create online charts, diagrams and mind maps.

Free online diagram maker

Create Diagrams, Charts & Mockups Online for Free

Draw.io is a free web app which can help you create anything from basic flowcharts to complex business diagrams, mockups, software designs and the like. You can also export your diagrams to various formats for use in office reports, PowerPoint presentations, policy compendiums, etc.

To get started, simply go to Draw.io and choose a place to save your diagram. This can include online services like Google Drive, OneDrive and Dropbox or your device (e.g. a computer, tablet or smartphone).

Draw.io free diagram maker

Import Diagrams or Start New diagrams from Scratch

In the next step, you will be asked to either open an existing diagram or to create a new one. For the purpose of this post we will show you how you can get started with a new diagram using the ‘Draw IO’ web app.

Create new diagram

Variety of Diagram Templates

You can simply start making anew diagram by adding a name and picking a template. The templates come in categories. The available categories include; Basic, Business Processes, Charts, Engineering, Flowcharts, Mind maps, Mockups, Network Diagrams, Other, Software Design, Venn Diagrams and Wireframes.

Diagram templates

As you pick a category, respective templates appear. We picked the Flowcharts option and got a range of handy layouts to begin making our chart with. To proceed further, simply select the template you like.

Flowchart maker

Insert Your Own Content & Customize Sample Templates

Once you pick a template, you will be able to comprehensively edit the shapes, colors, font, size, etc. You can also include additional items from the library on the left pane, as well as import images.

Free online diagram maker

The scratchpad is an option located at the top left corner where you can drag and drop objects to include to the library. Once imported, you can drag them to your diagrams.


Export Diagrams to Different Formats

You can export your diagrams as an image (PNG), Vector Graphic (SVG), PDF file, as well as in HTML or XML format. You can not only save your diagrams offline but also export them to a cloud service like Google Drive, One Drive or Dropbox. Additionally, you can also embed your diagrams (HTML, IFrame, Google Site or Google Docs).

Export diagrams offline

Draw.io serves as a good free service for quickly creating and saving diagrams; both offline and online. There is also a Chrome extension that you can use to make diagrams on the fly. I think this tool could be added as a resource to our best presentation tools for 2016.

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