Getting Kicked Out Of The Door Clipart For PowerPoint

Sometimes all you need is a good clipart image to say it all. Be it kicking a bad habit or kicking out the competitor to take over a market, you can illustrate such basic ideas with the help of interesting clipart images and animations.

Getting Kicked Out The Door Customizable Clipart

This is a clipart that you can download in different resolutions and also customize it before downloading it from the developer’s website. The image shows a stick figure being kicked out of a door.

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kicked out og the door clipart

Not only can you use this image in any PowerPoint slide but also customize the overall look by adjusting the brightness, shadow, saturation, reflection and TINT. The clipart can be download as a PNG or JPG file, with the option to pick a custom height and width and background color to match your needs. The default clipart background is transparent. You can download this clipart in these formats:

  • JPG
  • PNG

Go to Presenter Media – Getting Kicked Out The Door Clipart

kicked out of door clipart

Door Opening Animated Clipart

Staying with opening doors, we have another fine clipart which you can incorporate in presentations as a GIF animation. This clipart shows an opening door which can be symbolically used for any type of topic, be it related to success, opportunities, moving into uncharted territory, etc.

Like the above mentioned static clipart, you can also customize this animation from the Presenter Media website. You can download this animated clipart in the following file formats:

  • GIF
  • MOV
  • SWF

Go to Presenter Media –  Door Opening Animated Clipart

door opening animated clipart

Job Opportunity Door Open Clipart

This is a clipart with quite an obvious theme, jobs. It can be used in career coaching presentations or any slide about job opportunities, hiring employees, employment rates, etc. This clipart is static and is available in the following formats:

  • JPG
  • PNG

Go to Presenter Media – Job Opportunity Door Open Clipart

job clipart

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