Customizable Caveman Clipart For PowerPoint Presentations

Presentations about human evolution, history and ancient civilizations often result in a lot of yawning faces in the audience. Hence, you need to make your slides more interesting by using some fresh ideas for your presentation to ensure that you can keep your audience interested in your presented content, and most of all, awake!

Clipart and images are essential for illustrating presentation topics and finding clipart that is witty and intelligently made can be hard. Below is a collection of Customizable Caveman Clipart for PowerPoint which can help you lighten up the mood of your audience with funny caveman illustrations.

Caveman clipart

Caveman Custom Wall Animated Clipart

This is a customizable animation of a cave with ancient writings on the wall, amidst burning torches. As shown in the screenshot below, you can edit the sample text to add your own text to display on the cave wall animation. Moreover, you can also customize the look of the text using formatting options available at the developer’s website.

Caveman custom wall animated clipart

Once, you have customized the animation, go to the ‘Sample and Downloads’ tab so that you can download the animation in PowerPoint PPTX format or in a video format such as WMV, MOV or FLV.

Go to Presenter Media – Caveman Custom Wall Animated Clipart

Caveman animated clipart

Evolution Clipart

This static clipart shows the theory of evolution with a fresh take, as a stick figure transforms from a caveman to a business professional. You can download this caveman clipart as a PNG or JPG image in a custom resolution. As this is a generic clipart, you can incorporate it in slides related to a variety of topics, including business presentations.

Go to Presenter Media – Evolution Clipart

Evolution clipart

Caveman Stick Figure Clipart

The Caveman Stick Figure Clipart shows a caveman holding a stick, wearing a dress made of fur. Like other clipart images at Presenter Media, you can customize this clipart by changing the color, brightness, saturation, reflection and shadow of the image, as well as download it in a desired size as a JPG or PNG image.

Go to Presenter Media – Caveman Stick Figure

Caveman stick figure clipart

Caveman at Laptop Clipart

This clipart illustrates a caveman using a laptop, which makes it perfect for technology themed presentations and can help you add some humor to your slides.

Go to Presenter Media – Caveman at Laptop Clipart

Caveman at laptop clipart

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