Awesome Pig & Piggy Bank Illustrations for PowerPoint Presentations

Last updated on November 14th, 2023

Piggy banks are also known as penny bank or money box, and it is a traditional name of a coin container. You can learn moremore about Piggy banks but if you need to prepare a financial PowerPoint presentation for example with self help articles or topics, then you can download piggy bank illustrations for PowerPoint presentations.

Since Piggy Bank are normally used by children but using piggy bank in your presentations you can use them as a metaphor or this kind of items are also often used by corporations for promotional purposes, including Banks, Mutual Funds, and other financial institutions. Today we will show you some nice piggy bank illustrations and images that you can download from PresenterMedia for your presentations in Microsoft PowerPoint.

Awesome Pig & Piggy Bank Illustrations for PowerPoint Presentations
Example of slide design with piggy bank illustration

Their shape of piggy banks is most often that of a little pig and many financial services companies use piggy banks as logos.

Piggy banks are typically made of ceramic or porcelain but here you can download awesome shapes of piggy banks with a transparent background in PNG or JPG and in different resolutions. You can also get animated piggy bank with other illustrations including money, bills, coins and other financial or money relevant topics. There are other nice piggy bank illustrations combining computers or laptop, a mask, glasses, clock, a heart or even a security box.

Piggy bank icons and illustrations for presentations
Piggy bank icons and illustrations for presentations

For example, you can download piggy bank with a stick figure who is putting gold coins into a piggy bank for his savings, or other animated piggy bank illustrations to be used for saving, gold, coin business, finance or even for bank or stick figures.

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Also there are images of piggy bank sitting on a pile of cash that are great for bank saving accounts, cash or money PowerPoint presetnations, finance PPT presentations, invest or investment topics, as well as banking or rich PPT presentations.

You can download piggy bank illustrations and shapes for PowerPoint. Alternatively you can download piggy illustrations for PowerPoint including this piggy bank locked up illustration.

pig powerpoint template bank locked

Instead, if you are looking for free piggy bank templates then you can download free piggy bank PowerPoint templates and illustrations for Microsoft PowerPoint from our own website, for example this income statement PowerPoint template or piggy PowerPoint slide design.

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