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Last updated on October 3rd, 2023

Not too long ago it would have been too laborious to use a web based conversion service for converting your files. All that however has changed as file conversion has become much quicker with the advent of cloud service to cloud service file conversion. A primary example of this is CloudConvert. With support for more than 200 file formats, Cloud Convert rightly claims that it can convert any file to any format, i.e. ‘convert anything to anything’.

Select a File via Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive, Box or URL

To begin file conversion just pick a file from your cloud based accounts like Google Drive, Dropbox, Box or OneDrive or use a URL to fetch a file.

Select a file to convert

Select Conversion Format (Support for Audio, Video, Image & Office Files)

In the next step, select a file conversion format. This web app supports a variety of audio, video and Office document formats. You can not only convert your PDF, Word, Excel & PowerPoint documents but even your audio and video files from a plethora of formats.

Convert files to another format

Save File to an Online Account or Get it Emailed

You can choose to get your files saved directly to your cloud accounts or get them emailed to you. You will require connecting your cloud storage account to fetch and save converted files.

Save file online

Enjoy Lightening Fast File Conversion

One of the best things about Cloud Convert is that its rendering is lightening fast and you need not to worry about slow file conversion. This is probably because the files are fetched between very efficient cloud services, so instead of you having to upload a file and see it get converted, you can simply use a file already present in say, a Dropbox account. This means that Cloud Convert will fetch it and save it to the cloud storage service, instead of choking your bandwidth in between. The result, is lightening fast file conversion.

File conversion complete

Download Converted Files

You can download your converted files anytime. If you have saved them to a service like Google Drive, you can even play them online or share them using direct link.

Download converted file

Cloud Convert can be used directly via the default website, by using a Chrome extension, using a supported cloud storage service and from the Cloud Convert iOS app. The iOS app works with iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch devices.

Go to Cloud Convert

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