Google Drive Plug-in Lets You Save Files in Word, Excel & PowerPoint

Google Drive might be a direct competitor to Microsoft’s Office suite, however, even Google knows the value of Office apps. In a brilliant move for extending the functionality of Google’s very own Office suite, the Google Drive Plug-in for Microsoft Office has been released. This free plug-in allows users to open, edit and save Google Drive documents using MS Office apps like PowerPoint, Excel and Word.

Download Plug-in & Sign in to Your Google Drive Account

To get started, download & install Google Drive Plug-in for Microsoft Office. After installation, you will be asked to sign in to your Google account.

Login to Google Drive

Open Google Drive Files Directly from Microsoft Office Apps

You can open your Google Drive files and access your account via the new tab in your Office applications or via Open. As the below screenshot shows, Google Drive integrates as cleanly as OneDrive in MS Office applications after this plugin is installed.

Open files from Google Drive

You can select your online files directly from your Office applications, which works quite well, as if the plug-in was to be a native feature in MS Office. You would however, need Internet connectivity to import your files.

Select documents to import

Save, Open, Share, Rename & Move Google Drive Files

The Google Drive tab in Office applications will provide you with options to open, save, share, rename and move your cloud files. One of the best things about this plugin is that you can instantly import, edit and save files back to your Google account, using MS Word, Excel or PowerPoint for editing your online documents.

Google Drive plugin for Microsoft Office

Log in & Out of Google Accounts from within Microsoft Office Apps

To switch your Google account, go to Settings and log out. This means that you’re not stuck with the account you use to login for the first time and that you can switch between multiple Google accounts to import, edit and save your documents.

Logout of Google Drive from PowerPoint

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