5 Impressive Online Project Management Tools To Enhance Productivity

Project management has undergone a revolutionary change over the past decade. Over the years many useful project management tools have come up in the form of web applications and crowd sourcing services that has made it easier and more cost effective to collaborate and manage projects. While there are several project management tools that can be used for managing projects, we have created a compilation of some impressive services that can help you enhance the productivity of your business or at an individual level. These tools provide everything from a communication and file sharing platform, to an Office Suite that allows managing files from multiple file formats, such as Microsoft Office PowerPoint.

1. Zoho

With more than 5 million users, Zoho is one of the world’s largest project management and online collaboration platform. Zoho provides a complete suite of business collaboration applications, which can be used to enhance productivity. For example, Zoho’s online applications can be used to run business processes, manage information, hold web-conferences, etc. You can find out more about Zoho from our post here.

zoho project management

2. Office 365

When it comes to providing stable and reliable platforms for enhancing productivity, Microsoft is a name that cannot be ignored. The MS Office suite is already one of the world’s largest productivity suits and provides many reliable tools for performing a large array of business tasks. Office 365 is a web based platform by Microsoft that brings together the MS Office Suite to the cloud. Office 365 users can not only create, edit and save work on MS office documents online, but also benefit from shared calendars, instant messaging, PC to PC calling, team intranets for file sharing and much more. You can get more information from our Review of Office 365.

office 365

3. Google Drive

While most project management and productivity enhancement services are paid, Google Drive is one of the very few free services. It is primarily used to create, edit and sync documents from various formats via desktop and mobile operating systems, as well as through the web interface. Google Drive allows collaborating with other users by sharing documents with specified users or by making them public. While the available sharing options in Google Drive aren’t as rich as some of the above mentioned services, however, it can be used as a good resource for sharing documents and for collaboration with other users on a small scale. For more details about Google Drive features, check out our comprehensive review here.

google drive

4. Odesk

Odesk is a famous crowdsourcing service that brings together freelancers and employers to collaborate on a global scale. Unlike other services of its kind, Odesk not only offers a platform for freelancers and clients, but also provides an application to track the work performed by hired freelancers. Furthermore, it offers instant messaging options, a work diary and an internal payment system (that works as an intermediary for transferring funds from various sources).

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Odesk not only makes it easy to hire/find work and collaborate with a team, but also acts as a medium where disputes can be easily avoided, as the tasks are completed according to the agreed terms by the client and contractor, (e.g. the agreed working hours and payment per deliverable).

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5. Feng Office

Feng Office (previously known as OpenGoo) is a project management platform that makes it easier to streamline and run business processes. The Feng collaboration platform allows users to organize and manage their tasks and collaborate with their team, store and share documents from various formats, schedule agendas and events, enter notes for tracking the conversations maintained with third parties and more.

feng office

For more information you can visit the Feng Office Homepage.

Go to Feng Office [Home Page]

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  1. There are plenty of other tools for project management and teamwork. For example, TeamworkPM is one of the recent tools. TeamworkPM helps you manage your projects, teams & clients, while sharing and collaborate between groups.

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