Animated Cloud Puzzle PowerPoint Template

When it comes to the Internet, everything seems to be connected to cloud computing. It is in fact a topic that is less discussed than its actual relevance. Whether you are making a demo for a mobile or web app, want to discuss a topic related to the Internet in general or require making a technology themed presentation, you can use the Animated Cloud Puzzle PowerPoint Template for making animated technology themed slides.

Cloud Puzzle Animations

This PowerPoint template depicts clouds with puzzle pieces that join together to complete the picture. These animations come with textboxes for customizing your slides. Moreover, you can also insert your company logo or clipart to add custom branding or to further elaborate your topics using visual aid.

Cloud puzzle animated PowerPoint template

Suitable for Topics Related to Cloud Backup, Redundancy, Database and Data Security

The slides in this animated cloud themed template can be used to cover a wide range of cloud computing related topics, ranging from cloud backup, redundancy, data security to desktop and mobile apps, wireless networks, e-commerce, etc.

Cloud backup slide design

Create Animated Diagrams and Infographics

The template has been designed in such a way that it is perfect for making custom diagrams and infographic slides. You can choose to opt for animated infographics or make your slides static via Home –> Layouts (menu) to create static infographics.

Cloud infographic slide

Innovative Slides with Scope for Major Customization

Unlike generic, static slide designs, this template offers a variety of animated slide layouts with high-quality clipart images which can also be reused. You can also rearrange and resize slide objects, as they come in editable format.

Cloud computing template for PowerPoint

Technology Clipart

There are a number of technology related symbols available in the form of a clipart slide. These include symbols depicting mobile devices, Wi-Fi, Power button, database, search functionality, zoom, battery life, etc. These symbols also include commerce related symbols such as charts, dollar sign and people silhouettes.

Technology clipart

You can preview the sample slides on the download page before downloading this template.

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