Animated Energy Innovation PowerPoint Template With Battery Shapes

Battery Innovation is an animated template for PowerPoint and Keynote that shows a series of battery cells which light up with each slide. The template can be used for topics related to energy, innovation, mobile devices, cells, voltage, electricity, etc.

PowerPoint Arrow Templates And Clipart For Presentations

Arrows are often used for demonstrating the idea of reaching a goal or to show performance charts during presentations. Below is a compilation of some arrow themed PowerPoint templates and clipart for making business, finance, sports and performance related presentations.

Best 3D Chart Animations And Clipart For PowerPoint Presentations

Animations and clipart are always a good method for proving your point before an audience. The impact of animations can be more fruitful because they are not in an ignorable static state and can be used for sending out obvious and subliminal messages. The right mix of both static and animated content can help you …

Perfect Animated Clipart For Presentations About Business And Work

Admiring hard work of your employees or presenting them with a motivational idea during a presentation can be effectively done using clipart. And what’s even better than clipart is animated clipart. Let’s take a look at some perfect animated clipart for making presentations about business, office and work in general. These clipart animations can be …

Awesome 3D Success Charts For PowerPoint Presentations

Charts are often seen as an indication for the success or failure of a venture. While making charts in PowerPoint isn’t all that hard, sometimes having chart based clipart and templates can be quite handy.

Animated Tree With Roots PowerPoint Template

Presentations related to growth and environment both often have an image of a tree. This is because a tree can present a healthier environment, growth, progress, etc. The Tree Root Growth PowerPoint Template is an animated template which provides editable slides containing charts, SmartArt and an animation of a growing tree.

Animated Icons For PowerPoint Presentations

Clipart and icons are an essential part of making a professional presentation. Usually, appropriate icons, clipart and images come amalgamated in the form of readymade PowerPoint Templates. However, when making presentations from scratch or using a template which may lack required imagery related to the topic, you can make good use of icons available from …

Animated Airplane Templates For PowerPoint

Flight schedules, staff training sessions, safety guidelines for clients and even tourism related information (by travel agencies) can be presented in the form of presentation slides. For example, this may be the case when a presentation is uploaded to a website with guidelines for passengers or when a training session may have to be conducted …

Useful Bubbles Shapes For PowerPoint Presentations

Using bubble shapes or speech bubbles can in PowerPoint can be an interesting method to bring your presentations to life. Using such expressions can help you create a comic book like feel for your presentation slides, as well as enable you to add a touch of humor.

Animated Leadership PowerPoint Templates

Leadership presentations are often best presented with appropriate imagery which may be symbolic enough to help you translate your thoughts in the form of slides that give a message to the audience on their own. Using animations can help you achieve desired results for leadership presentations, as embedded video animations with a custom message can …