Convert SlideShare Presentations To GIF Animations With GIFDeck

GIF animations have been notoriously popular in perpetuating memes across social media websites. That’s not all! GIFs can also be a good way of promoting products and services by making something eye-catching and witty enough to grab the attention of potential clients.

Unfortunately, making a GIF can be frustratingly difficult. One easy workaround is to convert a video clip to GIF. However, that might result in copyright issues. What about converting a PowerPoint presentation into a GIF animation? GIFDeck is an awesome web service which lets you do just that.

Convert SlideShare presentations to GIF

How to Use GIFDeck in 3 Easy Steps

As you might know, SlideShare is a famous website for sharing presentations online. You can upload PDF, PowerPoint, ODP, MS Word and TXT files to convert them as online slide decks. GIFDeck makes use of SlideShare to create GIF animations from these online presentations.

Step 1: Copy the URL of the SlideShare presentation that you wish to share and paste it at GIFDeck. Hit Submit to proceed further.

Add URL from SlideShare

Step 2: This will give you a preview of your GIF animation. You can optionally go to Settings by hitting the cog icon. This will enable you to set the Interval, Slides and Size of the GIF.

GIF settings

Step 3: Click Save to download your GIF animation.

Save and download GIF

Benefits of Making GIF Animations using GIFDeck

While using GIFDeck might seem cool enough but one might beg the question regarding its utility. The developer has some suggestions for your generated GIFs and we tend to agree with him.

Create Promotional Marketing GIFs

GIFDeck website suggests that you can use your GIFs for promotional purposes by adding them to emails. This in fact seems quite useful as you can generate ads from your SlideShare presentations for emails when communicating with potential clients or sending out Facebook. Of course, you can also share these GIFs through other platforms such as blog posts and social accounts to make your content more visible throughout the web.

Email GIF

Share GIFs on Social Media

Whether you are looking to make your promotional GIF go viral or want to share a fun animation with your friends, you can use your social media accounts like Twitter to post your GIFs. Even Facebook now supports GIFs but you might have to upload your GIF to a web service like Imgur, Tumblr or Giphy to share it via Facebook.

Share GIF on Twitter

Use GIFs in PowerPoint Presentations

This is solely our own suggestion and while it might seem odd to share a slide deck in the form of a PowerPoint slide, it can be more useful than you might think. For example, you can share a stream of information as a GIF animation by slowing down the GIF when making it via GIFDeck. This can help present important information or perhaps a funny GIF sequence for a PowerPoint presentation.

Add GIFDeck GIF to PowerPoint slides

Do you think GIFDeck is as cool as we think? Do you have any suggestions for fun GIF web services? Join the discussion by giving us your feedback below.

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