Best Medical Clipart For PowerPoint

If you’re engaged in the medical field or are a student who needs to make presentations related to hospitals, medical procedures, health and well-being, you might want to use some medical clipart to make your presentations more eye-catching. Here is a list of some of the best medical clipart for PowerPoint to help you make professional looking PowerPoint slide decks.

Best medical clipart for PowerPoint

3D Isometric Doctor Clipart

We are all happy to see a doctor when we aren’t all that happy due to an illness. This isometric doctor clipart can be downloaded in your desired resolution with a transparent or white background. Since this is a 3D isometric clipart, the image has more depth and detail, which makes it more eye-catching and can be a great resource for making medical presentations.

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Isometric doctor clipart

3D Isometric Nurse Clipart

This is another isometric clipart of another very important figure of the medical field, i.e. a nurse. Whether you want to emphasize the role of nurses or want to make medical presentations, this can be another great resource for you to incorporate in your slides.

Tip: You can even change the colors of both the doctor and nurse clipart form the developer’s page before downloading the image in your specified resolution. To change clipart color, see the Adjust Color and TINT option from the download page.

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Isometric nurse clipart

3D Isometric Medical Case Isometric Clipart

This is another finely crafted isometric clipart image. The medical case or the first aid kit is a widely used box in the medical field to provide patients with initial medical attention. Needless to say, like all Presenter Media clipart, you can change the color, saturation and brightness of this clipart from the download page and download it with a transparent or white background.

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First aid kit clipart

Figure Hospital Bed Isometric Clipart

This clipart shows a patient lying on a hospital bed. Such a clipart image can have a lot of symbolic value in a presentation, as it depicts a very common sight that we often see in hospitals and can relate to.

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Patient in bed clipart

Operating Table Isometric Angle Clipart

This isometric 3D clipart depicts an operating table. The angle of the image and the isometric design gives a lot of depth to the clipart. The clipart is finely detailed which makes it quite suitable for professional or academic presentations.

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Operating table clipart

Wheelchair Isometric Clipart

This 3D wheelchair clipart can be another good resource to have for making medical presentations. While the default wheelchair color is blue, you can easily adjust it to another color from the download page. You might want to do that to perhaps make the wheelchair color be more in sync with your PowerPoint theme.

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Wheelchair clipart

X-Ray Machine Isometric Clipart

It is likely that everyone has at least one x ray in a lifetime. Such is the need of the famous X-Ray machine. Hence, it is likely that you might have to incorporate imagery or content related to an X-Ray machine in your slides; such as when discussing injuries and the need for timely diagnosis.

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X ray machine clipart

MRI Machine at an Isometric Angle Clipart

Like X Ray Machines, MRI machines are equally important for diagnosis of injuries and disease. This is a brilliantly crafted MRI machine clipart which has been designed in such a way that it gives a 3D view of the MRI machine illustration.

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MRI machine clipart

You can download more medical clipart images via the link given below. If you’re looking for a specific type of clipart, you can use the search bar from the Presenter Media website. Presenter Media provides thousands of clipart images related to not only the medical field but virtually any topic imaginable.

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