Customizable Business Card Clipart For PowerPoint

Business card clipart which comes with custom text and logo can help you create personalized business presentations, project proposals, corporate tutorials for employees and the like. Presenter Media provides some excellent custom clipart with the option to add your own text and logo to the clipart.

Customizable business card clipart for PowerPoint

Customizable Blue Business Cards Clipart

This blue business card clipart shows a stack of business cards. To customize this clipart, simply go to the Presenter Media website, select the Customize Your Message tab and add your own text, logo, shapes and stylize the added text according to your preferences. When adding your content, you can also pick and choose a place where you might want to place your logo or text.

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Add logo to business card clipart

Once you have customized your clipart, go to the Sample & Download Options tab and pick an image format for your clipart (JPG or PNG) and image size and click Customize Item.

Business card clipart by Presenter Media

After your clipart is ready, you will be given a preview of your custom version of the clipart, with a download option.

Donwload business card clipart

You can download your clipart image and place it in your PowerPoint slides. As you can see from the image below, we added our logo and custom text to the business card clipart. You can also customize the cards with your own text, images and preferred font styles. In PowerPoint it could be very easy to adapt and edit business cards, however if you want to download business card designs for Photoshop then you can download free business card templates.

You can download this Blue Business Clipart from the Presenter Media link given below.

Go to Presenter Media – Customizable Blue Business Cards Clipart

Business card clipart for PowerPoint

Custom Business Pile Clipart

Using the same process as above, you can also customize this business pile clipart with your own text and logo. When adding your content you might notice some light blue squares on the white section of the card. This is also part of the editable section of the card design, as you can remove these squares or drag them to create your own design.

Go to Presenter Media – Custom Business Pile Clipart

Business pile clipart

Business Card in Hand Clipart

This clipart shows a business card being held by a male hand. As you can see from the image below, we added our website URL and logo to the card. You can drag and drop to arrange your added objects to the card during the customization process and also drag to resize added objects.

Go to Presenter Media – Business Card in Hand Clipart

Business hand in card clipart

Male Hand Business Card Clipart

This is a similar clipart where a male hand with a red sleeve is holding a business card. Needless to say, you can edit the sample text for the card to generate your custom clipart via the Presenter Media link given below.

Go to Presenter Media – Male Hand Business Card Clipart

Male hand business clipart

You can customize and download a number of business card animations and clipart from the Presenter Media website.

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