Animated Comic Template For PowerPoint Presentations

Presenters who wish to amaze their audience with novel ideas can try their hands on a lot of things that can make their content attention grabbing. For example, they can use animations, interesting clipart items and even design slides like comic strips. Your Comic Frame PowerPoint Template offers all that and more to help you create amazing presentations.

Your Comic Frame PowerPoint Template

This comic strip template is similar to the templates we reviewed earlier in our post about Useful Bubble Shaped Templates for PowerPoint, which included the comic book themed Create Your Expressions PowerPoint Template. Your Comic Frame PowerPoint Template is more of a comic book frame and clipart template, with a mix of animations. The opening slide allows you to create a comic strip collage to introduce your topic.

Your comic frame PowerPoint template

Various slides, including the opening slide are available in static and animated formats. You can use the animated or static slide version as per your requirements and customize it. You can use the various bubble frame slides to insert your own images in a comic book like background design and use the given clipart to mix and mash with your own content.

Comic frame slide

The template offers a plethora of clipart images which can be used across your slides via copy-paste. The template features three slides laden with comic book like clipart with speech bubbles, chat, explosion, burst and other comic expressions.

Comic clipart slide

You can download this comic strip maker template for the following versions of Microsoft PowerPoint:

  • PowerPoint for PC (2007-2013)
  • PowerPoint for Mac (2008-2011)

Go to Presenter Media – Your Comic Frame PowerPoint Template (Standard Edition)

Go to Presenter Media – Your Comic Frame PowerPoint Template (Widescreen Edition)

Insert your captions slide

Shooting Stars Clipart

This static comic clipart can be used for presentations by customizing it with your own text. For example, you can use this clipart to depict impact, fight, crash, celebration, etc. The clipart is available in PNG and JPG formats.

Go to Presenter Media – Shooting Star Clipart

Shooting stars clipart

Splat Point Expression Clipart

This expression can be used as a talking expression or to show an explosion. You can add your own text and images to make it more meaningful and to add some humor to your slides. This clipart is also available in JPG and PNG format.

Go to Presenter Media – Splat Point Expression Clipart

Splat point expression clipart

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