Gold Money Stacks Video Animations For PowerPoint

Whenever there is any discussion about money or the economy, gold is a commonly featured image. Be it the stock market, financial standings of a business or economy, gold symbolically represents money. The gold money stacksĀ video backgrounds listed below are perfect for presentations about business, finance and everything tied to money.

Climbing Gold Money Stack Video Background for PowerPoint

This is an interesting video animation for PowerPoint which depicts a man climbing a stack of gold coins. This video template can be downloaded for PowerPoint as a PPTX file or you can opt for fetching it as a video file. The supported video formats are commonly supported by a number of media players, be it media players for Windows, Linux distributions or Mac. These include the WMV, MOV and FLV video formats.

Climbing gold stack video animation for PowerPoint

Below is a PPTX version of the video background. As you can see, this is a video background which can be easily used in slides with overlay text. There are also text-boxes meant for adding text to describe the animation. You can use this animation as a title slide or even a content slide by using the video background with text which may make it compatible with your topic.

Climbing money stack PowerPoint template

Of course, you can also download the animation as a video file for use in presentations, marketing videos, video presentations and the like.

Go to Presenter Media – Climbing Gold Money Stack Video Background for PowerPoint

Climbing gold stack video background

Woman Climbing Gold Money Stack Video Animation for PowerPoint

This is another version of the same video animation, with one exception. This animation depicts a female figure climbing the gold money stack. Like the animation mentioned above, this video background too is compatible with Windows and Mac, with download options for PPTX, FLV, MOV and WMV file formats.

Go to Presenter Media – Woman Climbing Gold Money Stack Video Animation for PowerPoint

Woman figure climbing gold money stack

Lots of Money Video Animation for PowerPoint

This is a really cool PowerPoint video animation which depicts a stick figure sitting on a stack of gold coins, as one of the coins rotates nearby. The supported formats for downloading this animation include GIF and MOV.

Go to Presenter Media – Lots of Money Video Animation for PowerPoint

Lots of money video animation for PowerPoint

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