Electronic Signature Animated PowerPoint Template

Many of us use some sort of electronic signatures every day, be it a simple unlock of a smartphone or tablet or to verify a digitally signed document. The Animated Electronic Signature PowerPoint Template is a one of a kind template which can help you cover complex topics like electronic signature, user authentication, tablets and other technology themed topics.

PowerPoint Template With Customizable Electronic Signature Animation

The template features a customizable animation of a finger swipe on a tablet which reveals the custom text added by the presenter. This can include the presentation title and sub-title. This animation is presented across various slides which can help you reveal topics and slide text in style.

Electronic Signature PowerPoint template

The multiple layouts in the template provide tablet frames for adding your slide content, while slides are reveal with transitions and animations that make them appear attractive. All you have to do is to pick the sample slides you require and customize them with your own text and images. The added animations will be displayed automatically when you switch to Slide Show mode.

Tablet themed presentation slide

The template also features a range of tablet frames in different colors which you can pick and choose according to need. This animated presentation template can be downloaded in Widescreen and Standard editions and is compatible with the following:

  • PowerPoint (PC and Mac)
  • Keynote (iPad and Mac)

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Tablet frame

Human Hand Finger Clipart

The Human Hand Finger Clipart can be another good resource for making presentations about authentication, digital signatures and technology. This clipart is downloadable in a custom resolution, with the option to change the hand color via the developer’s website.

Go to Presenter Media – Human Hand Finger Clipart

Human hand finger clipart

Hole Hand Number Five Clipart

This is more of a generic clipart but you can also link it to technology and digital signatures. The clipart shows a hand tearing through a paper, showing five fingers which can be symbolically used for representing anything that is tied to number five.

Go to Presenter Media – Hole Hand Number Five Clipart

Hole hand number five clipart

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