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Best Unbreakable Smartphones for 2018

Best Unbreakable Smartphones in 2018

Let’s face it–our smartphones are with us everywhere we go. So, it’s inevitable that something unfortunate happens to it. Whether you spill on it, drop it, squash it, step on it, or even throw it–it’s really only a matter of time that our smartphones bear the brunt of our fast-paced lifestyle. Or better yet, our …

The End of PowerPoint by Jeff Bezos

The End of PowerPoint by Jeff Bezos

Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos’ presentation during the launch of Kindle Fire HD actually was more than merely a curtain raiser from the new product. ‘The End of PowerPoint’ by Jeff Bezos has been a subject of discussion amongst the presentation experts for the new methodologies it revealed in the presentation world. Here is an overview …