CloudBerry Explorer: Free File Manager For Amazon S3 And Windows Azure

CloudBerry Explorer is a free file manager with versions for famous cloud storage services like Amazon S3, Windows Azure, Google Docs and Rackspace. This Windows based application is ideal for users who may be using any of the aforementioned cloud storage services, especially Amazon S3 and Windows Azure. This is because these  platforms have a shortage of useful free file managers, which may help users to manage their cloud storage account from a PC. CloudBerry Explorer can help you manage all types of cloud storage files, including anything from your PowerPoint or PDF documents saved to a Google Drive account to your sensitive programming data saved to an Amazon S3 account.

CloudBerry Lab - Cloud Backup Explorer

CloudBerry Explorer For Amazon S3

CloudBerry Explorer provides an interface similar to Amazon S3 and Amazon Glacier to enable easy  moving and managing of files, vaults and buckets across your cloud storage accounts. It also provides complete support for CloudFront, (which is an Amazon Content Delivery Network) and makes it possible to work with different Amazon S3 and Glacier accounts simultaneously.

CloudBerry Explorer for Amazon S3 Cloud Storage

CloudBerry Explorer can be used for copying or moving files (to and from your local and cloud storage), sharing buckets with other users, managing CloudFront and hosting a website on Amazon S3. As you can see from the screenshot given below, CloudBerry Explorer for Amazon S3 provides many useful features, such as security assessment, synchronization of folders, access management, folder comparison, etc. However, some of these features are only available in the paid version of CloudBerry Explorer for Amazon S3.

File Manager For Amazon S3

CloudBerry Explorer For Windows Azure

Similarly, you can use the CloudBerry Explorer for Windows Azure to browse your Windows Azure cloud accounts, create or delete files, track, analyze and debug your storage use, shift files between your Azure accounts and local computer, share files with other users and to automate lengthy tasks to improve productivity.

CloudBerry Explorer for Windows Azure

CloudBerry Explorer For Google Storage And Rackspace

If you find the features of the desktop application of Google Drive to be inadequate, you can always switch to an alternative file manager like CloudBerry Explorer for Google Storage. The Google Storage version allows easily managing all your data from your Google Storage/Google Docs account, makes it possible to share files saved in Google Drive and provides automation options to help you accomplish tasks more quickly. Similar features are also available for the Rackspace version of CloudBerry Explorer.

CloudBerry Explorer for Google Storage

Setting Up CloudBerry Explorer

The below video shows how to setup your Cloudberry Explorer with an Amazon S3 account. A similar process can be used for setting up other versions of CloudBerry Explorer for Windows Azure, Rackspace and Google Docs.

CloudBerry Explorer is a free software, however it also has a PRO version which costs $39.99. All versions of CloudBerry Explorer work with the following operating systems:

  • Windows XP
  • Windows Vista
  • Windows 7

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